Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Perimeter Records - Christmas '92 Compilation

Here is the download: Perimeter Records 1992 Christmas Compilation

Here is the track listing:
1. Chimney Creeper by My Evil Twin
2. Winters Journey by My Evil Twin
3. Santatron by My Evil Twin
4. Snowblind by Thompson/Hughes
5. Faraway Christmas by My Evil Twin
6. Holiday Confusion by Hughes/Swartz
7. Holiday Recession Blues by My Evil Twin
8. Smells Like Christmas Spirit by My Evil Twin
9. Sporting a Yuletide Woody by Turner Christmas Network
10. Don't Ask For Santa, Ask For The Wolfman by Sequence 3
11. Gray Aria by Thompson/Hughes
12. Bang Bang, Twenty-Five Twelve Is Over by Routerwhelm
13. Christmas Tree Lights by Rat Camera
14. Christmas For Katrina by Sun Keepers
15. Holiday Recession Blues (Rude Return) by My Evil Twin

This is the 1992 edition of the Perimeter Records Christmas compilations, started way back in 1987. Thanks again (and again and again) to Doug Hughes for sending me the music and information. This year delves deeply into novelty music territory with My Evil Twin providing the bulk of the content. Smells Like Christmas Spirit shows you just what era we were in back then, reminds me of Mr. Alternative by The Midget Farmers. There is still one more Perimeter Records compilation to post, as well as two years of Outer Loop compilations and two more Flagpole compilations, so I will do my best to plow through these for you. If you want to download all of the compilations at this time, here is the link to all the Perimeter Records/Outer Loop compilations, and all the Flagpole compilations.

Here is the complete artwork (click to enlarge):

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