Monday, December 14, 2009

Son of the Flagpole Christmas Compilation

Here is the download: Son of the Flagpole Christmas Compilation

Here is the track listing:
1. Deacon Lunchbox - Intro
2. The Opal Foxx Quartet - On Christmas Day
3. Porn Orchard - This Holiday Season
4. Michelle Malone - Santa Baby
5. LaBrea Stompers - Do They Know It's Christmas?
6. Alex Marquez - Blue Christmas
7. Redneck Greece DeLux - Grandma Got Run Over by a Redneck
8. Go Figures - Christmas Morning
9. Allgood - Christmas with the Devil
10. Daisy - Here Comes Christmas
11. Clamp - Myrrh and Frankincense
12. Ben Reynolds and Jim McKay - Daddy, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas
13. The Woggles - Don't Believe In Christmas
14. Dreams So Real - Learn To Love Again
15. Hayride - Jesus Christ
16. Skinpops - Little Drummer Boy/Hey Fat Man
17. Vic Chesnutt - Little Christmas Fugue

Volume 2 of the amazing Flagpole Christmas tape compilations, this one from 1992. Some bands returning for a second round (The Woggles, The LaBrea Stompers, Vic Chesnutt), and some legendary artists make some great contributions (Opal Foxx Quartet, Hayride, Porn Orchard). The LaBrea Stompers version of Do They Know It's Christmas is brilliant, especially the outtros by each member of the band at the end just like Simon Le Bon et al. did in the original. The real gem of the compilation, however, is the duet between Tom Waits and Peter Murphy in "This Holiday Season" by Porn Orchard. Perhaps the finest moment in all of these compilations, it still makes me laugh. Lastly, the Deacon Lunchbox intro just reminds me once again of the void that has never been replaced in Atlanta or Athens culture since his passing.

Here is the complete artwork (click to enlarge):


  1. I'm hoping for the Mother of all Flagpole Christmas Albums.

  2. All of the music from that CD will be posted on the blog in the next few days, although I don't have the CD myself. This Christmas season I will/have been posting the Flagpole, Son of Flagpole, Daughter of Flagpole, Red-Headed Stepchild of Flagpole and the Soft-Spoken Beatnik Cousin of the Flagpole Xmas comps. 5 compilations is not too bad, although I know they did more in later years. If anyone has them - send them my way!

  3. Aww. I remember working on those albums when I worked at Flagpole. We did the first one, then the son of, the daughter of (I think, if my brain remembers that correctly), the red-headed step-child of and the beatnik cousin of. All were so much fun! I think I have all of them either on CD or cassette.