Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Those Petrakopoulos boys never throw a thing away aka AOF 45 aka Brad Post #13

Digging through Chuck's archives I found a folder for the Act of Faith "Soul Of One" 7".  Chuck's older brother, Angelos, financed the single and kept EVERYTHING!  See for yourself...

Oh, and if anyone out there is looking to repress the single, Chuck still has the stampers in a closet...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Articles aka Brad Post # 12

Purple Cow, October 1989.

Choice Daily News, August 9, 1991.  AOF and CUC fliers in the background.

AJC, date unknown.

AJC, date unknown.

AJC, date unknown.

The Catalyst, October 1992.

Creative Loafing, early 1995.

Flagpole (?), October 13, 1995.

Creative Loafing, December 9,  1995.  Check the terribly mislabeled AOF pic!

Dekalb College paper, February 21,  1996.

Creative Loafing,  November 23,  2004.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reviews continued - aka Brad Post #11

Found a few more of these digging through old 'zines.  Hard to take a review serious with emoticons, but that is how Retrogression rolled I guess.  Enjoy!

And some Somber Reptile paraphernalia thrown in for good measure.