Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thomas Peake Memorial Show on Sunday

Update: Here is the Purkinje Shift set: Purkinje Shift 2009-12-20 at Eyedrum

The Lumens set will also be posted here soon. Great show!

I just wanted to let you all know that there will be a memorial show for Thomas Peake next Sunday at Eyedrum, with all proceeds going to the East Atlanta Kids Club. As you can see from the list above, several classic Atlanta bands will be playing, including DQE, Flap, San Agustin, Gold Sparkle Band and Shaking Ray Levis. Seventy Spacebird was the pre-Noot d' Noot improvised band from the late 90's, which I have posted music from on this blog. Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Ensemble are old friends doing what they do best.

Perhaps most interesting is the debut of the new band Lumens including Benjamin Lukens on bass (The hal al Shedad, Ananke, Ultivac, Cough Syrup, Astrosmash, Amverts, The Forever War), Ben Davis on guitar (Noot d' Noot, Habeas Corpses, The Purkinje Shift, Moreland Audio, Home of the Wildcats) and Gary Flom on Drums (Rebar, The Purkinje Shift, Moreland Audio, The Forever War). They go on at 4PM sharp, so be advised.

Be advised - there are also plans for The Purkinje Shift to play a few songs immediately following the Lumens set at 4PM, so you might want to arrange your schedule accordingly for this one.


  1. i saw two people there taping the Purkinje set. any links?

  2. That was me and Henry Owings. I haven't listened to it yet, but I will get it transferred and uploaded today. Keep checking this post for the link. Thanks!

  3. That PS set was killin'. Scott claimed it had been 9 years (!) since he played drums, but it sounded like 1997 to me!

    The whole celebration ended up being right on. Thanks to everybody that played and everybody that listened.