Monday, September 14, 2009

Quadruple Felony!

Here’s the Download: Quadruple Felony

I can remember coming across this single in every record store whenever flipping through the 7”s, and it eventually took on an iconic status for me as a part of this scene that existed in Atlanta from the early to mid nineties. These bands were the local music elders from where I stood, even though they were probably only three to five years older than us at the time, but our circles rarely crossed. While we were playing all ages venues like the Somber Reptile or the Liquid Bean, they were playing more “adult” clubs like the Point and later Dottie’s, and many others that I can’t remember at the moment. There are many stories to be told, and I'm starting to get in touch with some of the people from this scene (e.g. Kim from Pineal Ventana, Rick from Whiskey Dick/Howling Fantods, etc.). Hopefully they can chime in on these releases, and maybe even do some guest posts someday.

Kim from Pineal Ventana forwarded me a link to Amy Potter's history of Half Baked Records, which includes this paragraph about the Quadruple Felony single. "Around the fall of '94, BOB, Pineal Ventana, Tweezer, and Suzybeat all approached me about doing a theme record together. I said cool! We would get together at the El Azteca Mexican Restaurant on Ponce de Leon (affectionately nicknamed the "Punk-rock ass-kicker" for their incredibly strong margaritas) and talk about the record. We were a motley crowd, infamously known by the wait staff. We would flip tortillas across the table at each other (with salsa on them). This would make a huge mess, annoying the wait staff and the customers. The first couple of meetings, we got absolutely nothing done but drunkenness. The taking of the promotional photos was quite fun. We took a ton of us in front of the El Azteca when an ambulance had just pulled up in front. We all could never agree on a theme or artwork. In fact, I think some of the bands are still pissed at one another because of the artwork. It took until March of '95 to actually get a record pressed. The theme was about four different crimes: a bank robbery (Suzybeat), serial murder (Tweezer), child molestation (Pineal Ventana), and Vietnam War crimes (BOB). The release party was held for the 4-song 7-inch entitled Quadruple Felonyat Dottie's on March 8, 1995. We then booked a 2-day tour to North Carolina with everyone except Suzybeat participating. Our first stop was Wilmington, NC at the Bourgeois Pig. Pineal Ventana had this huge bag of popcorn and threw it on BOB during their set. It was hilarious. Our next stop was the Turtle Club in Greensboro. The club did little or no publicity and plus it was spring break - no one showed. We didn't let that bring us down. We had our own show. Everyone was drunker than hell. We found a Barney doll in the parking lot, ripped its insides and voice box out, and would wear it on our heads during the show. The voice box was also found singing in many songs. Travis of Pineal Ventana also subbed in for Timmy of Tweezer during Tweezer's set and no one noticed. It was one of the funniest times that I can remember about my label. A few weeks later I went with BOB on tour to Florida, New Orleans and Texas. I loved touring with my bands; it was something I didn't get to do that much since I had a full time job."

For this single, we have another song by BOB represented, as well as some nice contributions from Suzy-Beat, Pineal Ventana and Tweezer. The Tweezer song here may be my favorite of theirs as a band, but I will be posting more from them soon. Pineal Ventana were legendary from this time, truly a very vital and exciting Atlanta band. I would like to get Kim to help me with a Pineal Ventana post someday, but I haven't had any luck yet. Until then, there is plenty of footage on Youtube to watch. Of course there will be more from Tweezer in the future, who have a lot to share and were definitely underrated from my perspective, but I would especially like to get more by The Suzy-Beat. I remember them having at least a single out back in the day, but if anyone has any recordings by them, please send them my way.

Here is back cover of the single, including the classic picture of everyone at El Azteca on Ponce. Thanks to Half Baked Records for another great release.


  1. Givin' me a serious Dottie's flashback up in here. Holy crap. I don't have this record, but I've got some Pineal and Bob records around, just haven't listened to them in a long time.

    Maybe related to this posse was Chamber. If you know where to dig some of that up, please share. I had a killin' Live@WREK tape once, but my crackhead landlady stole my cassettes! Dugan Trodglen and John C. Nelson were in Chamber, but I can't remember who was on bass. I thought they were skull-crushingly good. James, somebody, help me!

  2. Hey Andrew - I asked around and Kim says that Chamber had a member of Bad Egg Salad in it, but never recorded anything. If I get my hands on the Live at WREK archives, I will set that one aside for posting.

  3. Once again...I MAY have a chamber cassette. To me the real band of that era was Magic Bone though.

  4. There are some great indie rock sartorialisms on show on that back cover. Cut offs and sweaters in full effect!

  5. Ahh, the memories. That Chamber on Live@Wrek was easily my favorite wrek hour. Strangely my cassette was also lifted by an old friend. Eh. Wish they had recorded. They were unbelievably tight.

    Suzybeat put out two singles and had a song on an Allied comp (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) that you can still find around. Ask ClaraClamp (PV) if she has any singles left over in her basement. Hehe.

  6. Hey Biz - thanks for reminding me! My old band Car vs. Driver was on that comp too, so I definitely still have it. Squidchip loaned me the two Suzybeat singles, so I'm putting together a post for them at the moment.

  7. Just wanted to let someone know that I have one of these for sale on eBay right now. Didn't mean to drop any seller bombs on this blog, but I thought someone might want to know because I believe they are hard to find. On a related (ish) note, I did get a chance to perform at the Metroplex back in the 80's and it was an awesome club. Are there any pics of that club around? Thanks! Dan