Friday, September 25, 2009

The Lids - Something To Do

Here is the Download – The Lids Die Slaughterhaus 7”

Much has been said about the tragic passing of Bobby Ubangi earlier this year, so I thought I would post one of his first singles here. The Lids were around in the early part of this decade, consisting of Bobby Ubangi on guitar/vocals (Gaye Blades, Bobby and the Soft Spots), Dave Rahn on drums (Carbonas, Gentleman Jesse and His Men, Baby Shakes, etc.), and three female singers including Valery Lovely, Alix Brown and Sara Harper. From this band I only previously knew Valery from her days booking shows at the 485 Robinson house in Grant Park, which hosted many great shows back in the 1997-1998 era, and of course through her sibling Lewis Lovely, soundman extordinaire and bassist for Scout. She is also a great photographer and is likely sitting on an amazing collection of photos and videos from the past twenty years. Maybe someone can convince her to release a book of her photographs, I know I would be interested.

This is the single for “Fool For You”, “Too Late” and “Something To Do” released on Die Slaughterhaus records, DSH02 to be exact. I saw them play once with The Carbonas and The Tyrades at Dottie’s around 2002, or maybe it was Lenny’s by that time. It was a great show – all the bands brought it, especially the Tyrades. I was most interested in seeing them, as I was high school friends with the bass player Robert McAdams and never got to see him play in a band before. It was also great to see Francis Jensen (The Forty-Two, Chapman Park) play drums again. Enjoy the single.


  1. The few times I saw the Lids they were always a total mess. The single and LP do a much better job of showing their abilities than the live shows ever did. And you know what? The same can be said about a majority of Atlanta bands.

  2. A few tidbits:
    1. The late Ben Eberbaugh from Black Lips played the solo on "Too Late." I remember he played 2nd guitar at a show at the Echo Lounge with Shakeoff and Scene Creamers. I think that's the only time that happened though.
    2. This was recorded at the house we were living at in Doraville, the extra bedroom was converted into a practice space.
    3. The Lids recorded a LOT. I don't mean that there's a bunch of unreleased songs, but they were always recording as part of the whole process. The room was set up so that you could record on the spot.
    It's cool you posted this. It kind of seems like this record, and the Lids in general, kind of got glossed over when people were covering the tragedy. A shame, because this is the stuff I really think of when people talk about everything B Jay played on.

  3. Hey CV - Thanks for the perspective. It does sound like it was recorded in a practice room, but that seems to be the case for most music recorded these days, except I can imagine that this was recorded on a 4-track and not a laptop. It's funny, when I transferred the 7" to MP3 format, I can see the wave forms of the music on the screen. For this single, the wave form was a solid black bar for each song. Noisy stuff.