Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roosevelt - 1990-1993 CD

Here is the download: Roosevelt - 1990-1993 CD

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Roosevelt was my favorite of the early-90s post-Inside/Out, pre-Martians/Harvey Milk/etc. Athens bands. I painstakingly transferred all of the songs of theirs I owned on LP/7" and the Fuel compilation for the initial post, but Henry sent me this CD that was sold at their one reunion show in 2000, and is truly the best collection of their music. I missed that show, as I wasn't living in Athens at the time and had no idea that it happened, but I'm glad they took all of their best material and released a proper discography. The first six songs are my favorites, and make me wish they had continued playing and writing more music. It's always a shame when a band releases their best material at the end of their career. Enjoy the music, and maybe we can convince Ballard Lesemann and the other guys to do it again sometime.

Here is the inside sleeve - you can double-click on the image to expand and view more easily.

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