Friday, June 12, 2009

Gray Kiser's Flyer Collection - Part One

January 15, 1994: Avail with Act of Faith, Crisis Under Control and Broken at the Somber Reptile.

Gray Kiser is the singer and sometimes guitarist of some notable bands such as Line Drive, Regicide, Gheisch, Hands Of An Angry God (HOAG), Black Venus, and Sonn Av Krusher. He also writes for the excellent blog Shiny Grey Monotone, and is by far their best contributor (sorry Ipecac) and is a great landscape architect looking for that economy to turn around, if you have any leads for him. A few months ago, he gave me his box of flyers, and I have broken them down into his Atlanta flyers (posted here), his North Carolina flyers and his San Diego flyers. I will post those later.

February 12, 1994: Line Drive with Ten Two Four, Crisis Under Control and Lifeline at the Wreck Room. An XHOLDSTRONGX Production.

Alternate flyer for same show above.

Another alternate flyer. I guess this was the same night as the Girls Against Boys, Jawbox, Freemasonry show at the Masquerade.

July 30, 1994: Chokehold with Bloodlet, Ashes, Act of Faith, Dayspring, Crisis Under Control, Car Vs. Driver, Lifeline and Line Drive at the Somber Reptile. I thought Frail also played this show, but I could be wrong.

Alternate flyer for the same show above, this one with Blade Runner artwork.

August 9, 1994: Blownapart Bastards at the Somber Reptile.

April 21, 22 and 23, 1995: Carolina Fest with 606, P.N.E., Regret, Drought, Inept, Nevermore, Halfmast, Unanswered, Crisis Under Control, The Difference, Aged 9, Brother's Keeper, Iodine, Thenceforward, Quadiliacha, Fragment, Lifeline, Endeavor, Kurbjaw, IDK, Act of Faith, Cross-Section, Deckard, Option, Tension, Strongarm, Backlash and Catharsis. Car vs. Driver was supposed to play this, but somehow we got out of it.

July 2, 1995: Snapcase with Act of Faith, The Doughnuts and Broken at the Somber Reptile. I think this was 1995, but I'm not sure as the day of the week was not listed on the flyer.

July 14-15, 1995: WillJawkBilly Fest at The Driverdome/Somber Reptile with Gheisch, Inkwell, Hickey, Line Drive, One Nature, Copout, Grade, Bleed, Channel, Cable, Hot Water Music, Introspect, Whirlybird, Assuck, Action Patrol, Onebeast (I think?), Assfactor 4, Act of Faith, Threadbare and Christie Front Drive. What a lineup.

July 17, 1995: Cap'n Jazz with Scout at The Driverdome.

July 25, 1995: Los Crudos with Inkwell, Quadiliacha and Palatka at Under The Couch.

July 27, 1995: Damnation A.D. with Enkindel, Empathy and Thenceforward at The Godless Red.
July 24, 1995: Faultline, In/Humanity and Gheisch at The Godless Red. I love the combo-flyers.

July 29, 1995: Halfman with Regicide and Year Zero at The Driverdome.

Alternate flyer for the same show above, this one has Jon Lukens' telephone number on the back.

August 10, 1995: Torches To Rome with Seein' Red and Palatka at the Driverdome. Saucemaster makes an appearance on a flyer.

September 18, 1995: Varukers with Final Warning and Regicide at the I-Defy house.

October 30, 1995: Hickey with Tres Kids at the Godless Red Athens.

November 1, 1995: Unsane with Guzzard and Beefhead at the Midtown Music Hall.

November 30, 1995: 7 Seconds with Crisis Under Control, Oneway and Undone at The Somber Reptile.

December 1, 1995: Year Zero with The hal al Shedad and Spackle at the Godless Red Athens. I like the comment about calculators and tight slacks.

December 2, 1995: Ginuine with Pink Panties and Necrolust at the Dead Body House (Athens).

February 23, 1996: Narcolepsy with Broken and Outbreak at the I-Defy house. A benefit for the coalition to abolish the fur trade.

February 28, 1996: Chokehold with Switch-On, Scout and Thenceforward at BLT's.

March 9, 1996: Grade with Fragment and Regicide at the I-Defy house. Pretty evil-looking flyer.

April 4, 1996: Cavity with Regicide at the Godless Red Athens. My first show with Regicide and the only appearance of Josh Bohannon's Hellfire Chicken Tower, which ruined Gray's living room and lost his deposit.

April 24, 1996: Tres Kids, Pink Panties, Howler Monkey and The Mystery Funk Band at the Godless Red Athens. Howler Monkey featured Spirit Assembly roadie Sloth and my ex-girlfriend Crystal Bradley. I'm not sure who The Mystery Funk Band was, but I'm sure it was awesome.

May 17, 1996: Damad with In/Humanity, Quadiliacha, The Forty-Two and Das Kriminal at BLT's.

May 31, 1996: Suppression, Eucharist and Tres Kids at the Godless Red Athens. I like the colored-in cherubs.

June 9, 1996: Floor with Galanas Cerdd and Ed Matus' Struggle at BLT's.

August 19, 1996: Short Hate Temper with Pink Panties, Army of God and Piss Poor at Buckhead Beach (Athens). Two bands from Uranus - brilliant. I believe this was the last Pink Panties show.

August 19, 1996: Strychnine with Tres Kids, Pink Panties and Regicide at the Dead Body house (Athens). Great show, I have some pictures of this one.

Alternate flyer for the same show above. More evil, less ghetto looking.

January 11, 1997: Regicide with Sarin, One Way and Charles Dahmar at the I-Defy.

January 18, 1997: Versailles with Regicide and The hal al Shedad at Tarantula. I believe this was in Tampa, and either Regicide or Hal didn't play.

March 8, 1997: Lewistown with Palatka, Pung and Quadiliacha at the Driverdome.

March 15, 1997: Clairmel with Panthro UK United #13 and Regicide at the Driverdome. The last Regicide show ever - such a disappointment.

November 8, 1997: 12 Hour Turn with Hands Of An Angry God and Swing Riot at the Godless Red Athens.

1997 (?): Hellbender with Griver, Hands Of An Angry God and The Mike Douglas. Best flyer - no venue, no date, just Doyle.

January 30, 1998: Downpour with 12 Hour Turn and Tres Kids at the Godless Red Athens. The last GR show, and Gray's last flyer. C'est la vie.


  1. wow i remember alot of those shows. that carolina fest was god fucking awful. i think thats where we went out to eat at a chinese place and they refused to serve us rice (only in carolina). i also believe that was when i "won" some kind of prize from my mountain dew bottle and then i accidentally threw the bottle away at a gas station. i could have won some kind of wicked jeep or something! dammit.

  2. Definitely remember a lot (and still have) some of these stashed away. One of them even features some of my sweet artwork of the time period (November 30, 1995: 7 Seconds with Crisis Under Control, Oneway and Undone at The Somber Reptile).

    It was cool seeing some of the alternate versions, too!

  3. i helped blownapart bastards with one of their shows at somber reptile. i think that flyer was the one, and i think rebecca legum's dad layed it out (i used him to make flyers for a while)...

    that evil regicide flyer was the celtic frost "to mega therian" lp cover... HR Giger.

  4. i supported the scene feb 12 by going to see freemasonry open for jawbox and girls against boys.

  5. army of god - correction - army of gog i believe.... one of jay domingos many projects.. there was something else.. oh yeah. that cap'njazz show, is that the one they didn't show up cause the guy od'd on ritalin or something?

  6. but can he make an unforgettable pb&j?


  7. Willjackbillyfest - the Friday night show actually happened at Under the Couch. This was the first show ever at Under the Couch. The people in charge of UtC at the time were really annoying so we only did a few shows there that Summer. A new regime took control of the space a few years later and that is when UtC hit its golden age of shows in the 1997-1999 period.

    Cap'n Jazz - Like Will mentioned, I am 99% sure that they never played this show. In fact, I think they broke up a few weeks before this show.

    Crudos show on July 25, 1995 - the 5th band that played was not "bare hope essentials" but rather "Hope Springs Eternal." Gavin screwed this up - blame him :)

    12 Hour Turn in Athens - I rarely made it out to Athens but I remember this show. Classic. What a great band.


  8. Such sweet memories. Remember when putting your home phone number on a flyer to be tacked up around town wasn't seen as a "bad idea"?

    That Chokehold/Bloodlet/Line Drive/etc. show at the Somber Reptile...I don't think Ashes or Dayspring made it for that one. Maybe Frail did play, that kinda sounds familiar.

    The "Carolina Fest" was such a failure, there ended up being a show the opening night that was shut down, Line Drive couldn't play the next day, so I demanded that my "new band" Gheisch be allowed to play instead. Hence, the debut performance of the greatest three-singer band in Atlanta hardcore history.

    The WillBillyJawk Fest was great. The band "One Beast" is actually "Overcast". Also, don't gloss over Sandy Springs Medley, as that was a triumphant performance featuring Gheisch, Prokosthamus (how the fuck do you spell that?), and more! Epic! A few of those bands listed didn't actually make it, but regardless, that was a pretty sweet bill.

    It's also weird to think of the bands Jawk had in his fucking tiny-ass living room. What was the capacity of that place, 20? Maybe? Damnation, Scrog, Trial, I mean, those were pretty big bands back then. Weird.

    The Hickey/Tres Kids show was my first ever attempt at hosting a show, and it was were I meet all the Columbus dudes, Jason, Marlow, Benji, Doheny. I believe it also marked the introduction of "Sloth" into my life...Crystal Bradley brought that dude home and he rarely ever left. I'm still not sure how he ended up in Athens. Wasn't he the roadie for Spirit Assembly or something, and just got left in Atlanta?

    The Year Zero/Hal/Spakle flyer was drawn on a kitchen table at the Landfill House in Athens while some cruddy bands playing. I believe that would explain graphic hodgepodge...I was in a bad place.

    The Narcolepsy/Broken flyer was drawn by Marty Rioux, and was his take on "unifying the scene"...cause apparently there was a pretty big problem of straight edge dudes beating up metal heads. I don't remember that being an issue, but I guess it was. It's an awesome drawing.

    End of part one

  9. The Cavity/Regicide show was such a travesty...those dudes fucking slayed the shit out of that living room, and maybe, MAYBE, there were 12 people there. Oh but Torche, sure, they'll sell out the Earl, but the O.G. Cavity couldn't get arrested. Lame. Also, my roomate B-Rad slept through Cavity's set, even though he was literally in the next room. Not real sure how that happens.

    The Tres Kids/Pink Panties/Howler Monkey show was fantastic. There was unfortunately no actual "mystery funk band". That show was the original 5 piece version of Pink Panties that only managed two shows. Also, I can assure you, Earth First never benefited from this show...who the fuck even knew anybody remotely associated with Earth First to begin with?

    The Pink Panties show at Buckhead Beach was in fact the final show for the "band". The place was pretty packed, and there was a rumor that Kevin Kinney (of Drivin and Cryin) was in attendance which pleases me to no end. The ceremonial burning of the pink panties before launching into "Young Til I Die" was also a brilliant piece of showmanship. That video needs to be posted on this blog somewhere.

    The Tres Kids/Regicide/Strychnine show was funny because more than one person "boycotted" the Regicide set because of the typo on the flyer that described us as "homocide" as opposed to "homicide". Sorry about that, I'm not a secretary. Needless to say, the massive boycott cut into our guarantee pretty deep.

    The Hal/Regicide/Versailles show was night one of the triumphant Regicide / Hal al Shedad Florida tour that Hal al Shedad forgot to participate in. The next night was Gainesville, and probably the greatest Regicide show ever. Also the show where the dude from Hot Water Music beat the shit out of some guy while we were playing, and mid song a kid tries to grab the mic from me and is saying we have to stop playing because there is a fight, to which I responded, "don't you understand, this is the reaction we want?!". Great show.

    Panthro United/Regicide show at the Driver Dome did end up being the last Regicide show, and goes down as one of my bigger regrets in life. Lame ending to a great band.

    The Twelve Hour Turn/Hands Of An Angry God/Swing Riot show was the final HOAG show, and turned out to be pretty good. Swing Riot absolutely destroyed that show. It was the three piece version, and they could do no wrong. Also the artwork for the flyer was a rip-off of a graphic Yannick from Great American Steak Religion/ Union Of Uranus (later of His Hero Is Gone and Tragedy)had co-opted for a poster he made while we were living in Santa Barbara together (not actually "together", but a couple houses down from each other. He loved to play basketball, but sucked shit at it...just a trivial tidbit for you.).

    I think that Hellbender/Mike Douglas/HOAG flyer was unfinished. I remember making it, but don't remember if it was ever completed, or if that show ever happened. HOAG and Mike Douglas? Nice combo.

    Please note on the final flyer that Greg Bernstein is credited to his girlfriend (now wife) who's name escapes me right now. I had moved out by the time of this show, and I think was living in California. Sikk computer graphics though.

    Thanks for posting the flyers, it's fun to look through them again.

  10. I'm calling that evil March 9 flyer as a Celtic Frost photocopy: "To Mega Therion" I believe. Where's my no prize?

  11. Sorry Ben - Matt Mauldin beat you to it, but good catch!

  12. After seeing the flyer, I'm gonna have to listen to some Blownapart Bastards. I always loved that band....

  13. thanks again for the memories, guys. seeing this makes me feel lucky i grew up when and where i did.

    i absolutely must find the pic i took of lineXdrive at a show in NC. gray with blue hair = priceless!

    is it sad that as an observer (not a band member), i didn't think the fayette'nam fest was a failure? guess i was just excited to see all you guys since i had been in boone for the last 8 months.

  14. Great memories. I have a bunch of ATL show flyers from 94-96 era I gotta scan and send your way.

  15. This is a little late but the 'forgot whos' of Crusher Destroyer were Ed Jimenez and Faisal. I also remember Crusher being spelled with a K but that's not for sure.