Saturday, June 27, 2009

At the Price of the Union - Mechanics of Wind + Live at the Echo Lounge

Here are the downloads:

ATPOTU "Mechanics of Wind" EP

ATPOTU Live at the Echo Lounge September 7, 1999

As mentioned in previous posts here and here, At the Price of the Union was one of the top postpunk bands of Atlanta in the late 90s and I thought it would be good to round out their discography in this post. The Mechanics of Wind CD was put out by Buddy System in 1999, and I have to say that both them and Some Soviet Station really had a thing for airplane designs. As a side note, I remember going once to Peachtree Dekalb airport with Bob Medina and taking pictures of planes to potentially use in the Some Soviet Station album artwork, and we walked right out on the runway snapping photos of planes taking off and landing. I don't think that would go over so well these days. Anyhow, the live recording was provided by Henry Owings (who else would be providing a live recording at the Echo Lounge?). As the band moved on past their original songs, they really started stretching out with their music and really doing much more improvising, and these guys are the best at it. If you give them a groove, they will take it and do such amazing things with it for hours on end. I'm excited to hear their new work, as Craig and Luke have been playing together again. Maybe they can also get Josh Lott to play, as he's been living in Atlanta again, and they can just start up where they left off.

Here are the inside lyrics/info. Them and Hoover were both very big on minimal lyrics, which is simply just cool.

Here is the information from under the CD in the digipak:


  1. I will be happy if it sounds like Thoroughbred or At the Price of the Union. Craig and Luke work so well together.

  2. Any update on them getting back together? Sure loved watching them play.

  3. Grabbed the EP a while back and have really been digging it.