Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crusher Destroyer - Live at WREK

Here is the recording for download: Crusher Destroyer Live at WREK (June 2, 1998)

Crusher Destroyer was Russ Jackson (Ansurbana, Kid Boom Boom and currently in Bald Eagle), Erv Lockett (Scout, Ostinato, Motherfucking Tourettes, Volcanism, etc.), and two other guys I can't remember at the moment. They were around in the late 90s, part of the West End C-11/C-12 scene and had a kind of improvisational heavy instrumental sound going. I'm glad Russ gave me the Live at WREK CD, as this is the perfect example of what you would listen to on that show. You would be driving around town on a Tuesday night, turn on WREK after Radio Bomb, and this comes on. It will give you something interesting to listen to for the next hour. Enjoy it.


  1. I never got to see them because any time I was in town Ostinato was practicing or playing a show, but it's fun to hear. Apparently the Mastodon song "Krusher Destroyer" is named after these guys or so Erv told me.

  2. My friend Fasel from Gtech was also in the band...and I want to say that Ed Jimenez was in the band too. They played their last show at Dottie's which they shaved their hair into mohawks for, and also built a chickenwire cage which they played inside.