Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Patches, stickers and shit aka Brad Post #9

So I have been mighty busy and too spread out to get any new posts done. To get something up here I have scanned all the postcards, business cards, patches, stickers (and pencils!) that I could find. I'm sure I have more stickers already stuck on things that I forgot about. I wish I had the Crisis Under Control "badge" design sticker to scan. Anybody? Thanks to Chuck P. Moodswing for lending me some of his stuff for inclusion as well.

Yes, you are seeing this image correctly; Spiney Norman pencils!

Hardcore goes crusty; Act of Faith patches.

Broken patch celebrating the rehabilitated Lunsford brothers.

Standfast Records patch.

Mission To Murder patches.

Act of Faith stickers.
A Quart Low sticker.

Chocolate Kiss sticker.

Crash and Burn sticker.

Crisis Under Control sticker designed by Josh Massey (RIP).

DDT sticker.

Dead Elvis sticker.

Estrada stickers.

Ex Members Of… sticker.

Fiddlehead sticker.

Fiend Without A Face sticker.

Galanas Cerdd stickers.

Levelhead sticker.

Little Five Points Halloween Festival stickers.

Midget Farmers sticker.

Moonstomp sticker.

Murray 66 sticker. This is the band I was in after I quit Ex Members Of… It had Chuck P. Moodswing, Rondal Millhorn (Knievel/Moonwater) and Greg Stubbs (Spiney Norman) in it.

Neon Christ sticker.

One Way sticker. What a tough brooding lookin' bunch!

Pagan Holiday sticker.

Quadiliacha sticker.

Reactionary Records bedazzled sticker.

The Rent Boys sticker.

Spiney Norman sticker.

Standfast Records sticker.

Quadiliacha post card.

Echo Lounge postcard.

Some Soviet Station postcard.

The Close postcard.

Acriminy business card. Acriminy featured Corbin King (Vainglory) and Jimmy Davis (Monster).

The Copkillers business card. The Copkillers featured Crazy Johnny (notorious booker from Augusta).

Crazy Johnny (infamous Augusta booker) business card.

The original Criminal Records business card.

Elixir Recording business card. When I quit Ex Members Of… I joined Exploder. Exploder recorded at Elixir in Athens.

Fleshpool business card. Fleshpool featured Matt Miller's older brother Kevin.

In the Groove business card. In the Groove was a short lived record store in Lilburn where A.O.F., C.U.C., One Way and Undone played a free show at.

Issa Diao business card. Issa's second studio in town where all the magic took place at!

Jenkins' Ear business card. Jenkin's Ear was the band that brought both Brian Kincheloe and Chuck P. Moodswing to the world!

Josh Massey (RIP) business card. Josh took the cover photo for A.O.F.'s "Test of Strength" CD. He later overdosed on heroin.

Moodswing Records business card #1. Personalized for me by Chuck P. himself.

Moodswing Records business card #2.

National Socialist Political Action League business card. Whew, that is a mouthful to say and type! Duluth Nazi skinheads got united! Given to me by a "member" at the Gwinnett Place Mall.

Pumpkin Productions business card. Pumpkin was run by Andy Cauble (Monster and short lived C.U.C. 2nd guitarist).

Reactionary Records business card. Reactionary's first attempt at a store.

Reactionary Printing business card. Paul's short lived screen printing biz.

Spiney Norman business card. Gina was Spam's sister.

Stickfigure business card.

Tree Studios business card. Ex Member's Of… recorded our side of the Wardance Orange split 7" there.

Wreck Room business card.


  1. Dude. The Spiney Norman pencils. Totally forgot about those,

  2. Wow...What a blast from the past...Spam's sister,Gina

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  4. I love how Gavin's business card does not include a phone number.

  5. Do you have any Murray 66 stuff to put up? That would be excellent!

  6. Whoa, Paul and Reactionary. Crazy shows in that awful warehouse in the West End. Thanks for spreading these rare gems, it's an amazing memory trip.