Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Outer Loop Productions - Christmas '97 Compilation

Here is the download: Outer Loop Productions 1997 Christmas Compilation

Here is the track listing:
1. Merry Christmas Dammit '97 - Saint Nick's Evil Moronic Twin
2. Silent Silent Night - Routerwelm
3. Angel From The Realm Of Glory - Pineal Ventana
4. Big Fat White Snowman - Peppermint Synapse
5. Santa's In The Alley - Liars Club
6. Trailer Trashed (excerpt) - Liars Club
7. Kris-Mass Murderer - Saint Nick's Evil Moronic Twin
8. Frozen Tundra - Broken Symmetry
9. Santa's Lap Dance - Sequence 3

10. I Heard The Bells - Happy Billionaires
11. Christmas Sun - Starblood

Welcome to the final installment of the Perimeter Records/Outer Loop Productions Christmas tapes, this one from 1997. All the old favorites are back, including more weird and goofy novelty songs by St. Nick's Evil Moronic Twin, a few noise/ambient numbers by Routerwelm, Sequence 3 and Broken Symmetry, krautrock by Starblood, and some "rockers" by Pineal Ventana and Liars Club. Overall it's more on the cynical/downbeat compilation compared to the Flagpole tape compilations coming out of Athens around the same time. I guess it was time to put the series to rest, maybe as mixtapes became less popular and it was more expensive to produce an actual CD compilation, but now the CDR/Blog Posting/Mixtape culture is back, so hopefully there will be more of a push for this kind of project in the future. As always, you can download all the compilations here.

Here is the insert (click to enlarge):

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