Friday, April 9, 2010


Here are the downloads:

The hal al Shedad - 2010-03-27 at Drunken Unicorn

Some Soviet Station - 2010-03-27 at Drunken Unicorn

Rizzudo - 2010-03-27 at Drunken Unicorn

I would like to thank everyone for coming out in support of Gavin Frederick and everything he has done for this town. We raised over $2000 to pay towards his medical bills, which he told me will take care of his medical payments for a year, and allow him to put out new Stickfigure releases sooner. It was a very exhausting weekend, but I am glad we did it as The hal al Shedad never played a final show, Some Soviet Station only gets better with age, and Rizzudo hardly ever play in town, so all of their performances are special events. It was even better with a special appearance by Jason Dove playing some Plexorjet classics with his old bandmates. I told Ben Lukens that if we ever did another one of these shows, I would probably have to be hospitalized afterwards. He told me that our kids could do the next one instead.

I have video of all three bands taken by Kip Thomas and Jeff Clark, which I will try to figure out and upload to the site, but for now you have the audio recordings to enjoy, and some great pictures by Greg Jednaszewski and Krista Koch, thank you so much.

Gil Durant doing some handclapping.

Donald playing the Moog that does something very bad to my inner ear.

Seth holding it down. It was nice seeing Gil play drums again as well.

Some Soviet Station were the most photogenic of the bunch. Check out Jesse's fury.

Justin keeping cool. I hope he got his telecaster back after the show.

Chris grabbing the mic is what Some Soviet Station was all about. Best photo ops anywhere.

Lee said he changed his drumming for the show to be more straight ahead arena rock. It sounded great, as always.

Here is Ben giving Gavin a little roast before we start.

And having a great weekend.

The setlist with Ben's water. He didn't drink any alcohol until the show was over, as all our mental capacity was needed for the task at hand.

Ben playing the old Music Man Stingray bass. He blew up his Ampeg V-9 at practice, so we used Donald's amp for our set.

I played my new drums, which sounded far superior to my old Tama set, but I still have the old set just in case.

Ed Rawls still has the yellow Les Paul, and all those hot postpunk licks. That guy can play like nobody's business.

So thanks everyone for everything, all the old Driverdome crew, our friends and family for being patient with us, especially Chris McFarland for coming down and doing some roadie work, and all the others that came in from everywhere for the show. We had an amazing time, and finally were able to give the band the send-off we always wanted.


  1. was definitely a great show! good to see everyone as well.

  2. That shit was fun. - Lee

  3. Jesus! That some soviet set is freakin' brutal sounding. James, you guys sounded great. Rizzudo, always good. - Lee

  4. Hey Lee - I agree with you completely. You guys definitely destroyed it, and your set recorded the best on my little taser device. Jon Lukens is going to help me with the video footage, so we should have some of that posted soon.

  5. Thanks for sending me straight into a mid-life crisis. Just kidding, great stuff and it was great to be able to help Gavin out. I miss the "good ol' days". Sadface. Broke out all my old vinyl, now I just have to get a new record player.

  6. Hey guys,

    thanks again for the show! it turned out really well!