Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some Soviet Station

Here is the download: Some Soviet Station album

When I first saw Some Soviet Station play, there was a definite “I’m fucking in, you’re fucking out” feeling, with SSS being the ones that were fucking in, and myself being the one that was fucking out. Even though they had been around in bands like The Kossabone Red and Chapterhall, this was the band that took what had been done previously in Atlanta and did it better than almost everything that had come before. The torch had been officially passed to the next generation, and they were it. This was my favorite of the Lee Corum/Jesse Smith/Chris McNeal/Justin Snyder bands, they basically owned the Echo Lounge 10 years ago, as much as bands like Act of Faith and Car vs. Driver owned the Somber Reptile 15 years ago. It was a shame they were so short lived, only releasing a split 7” with At the Price of the Union on Buddy System and this full length on Moodswing Records, as they made some rough attempts at touring and imploded somewhere along the line. Funny enough, the band basically came back together soon after with Josh Lott from At the Price of the Union replacing Lee Corum in Paper Lions, while Lee moved on to the supergroup that was Copa Vance, then Home of the Wildcats, then Lay Down Mains, and finally Gold Standard, but I’m sure there are several others I’m missing.

Of course they will be playing before The hal al Shedad next Saturday at the Drunken Unicorn for the Gavin benefit, and I am not looking forward to them making everyone (including us) look like complete amateurs – see my previous post on character builders to see what I mean.

Here is the rest of the artwork for the CD (click to enlarge). There was supposed to be an LP version, which would have been beautiful with this packaging, but that is a story I have heard many times before.


  1. I was in a band with Jesse and his little brother Lee when we were in 8th grade called Bomb Squad. Those times were so damn fun, playing house shows when and where ever we could. I liked girls too much though and couldnt focus on the effing band like I should have. Anyway I remember him giving this to me (on new yers eve) shortly after it was finished and I didnt really like it. It wasnt until they broke up that i completely feel in love with it. And to this day it really amazes me how solid and timeless it really is.

  2. Hey Owen - was Bomb Squad a predecessor to Pax 13? Did you like my homage to the mid-90's Roswell postpunk scene?
    I'm about to post the Chapterhall demo, just keeping with the Sprocket's vibe.

  3. NIce. Just saw it. Yes Bomb Squad was pre Pax 13. We werent around for too terribly long, girl crazy as I previously stated, but the local scene was so small back then it only took a few shows before everyone knew everyone. Our first show was at this girl Melissa's house, who I didnt really know but Jesse and her were good friends and she was reaaaaallly into ska. She had checkered vans. Anyway it was her bday party and The Robustos and someone else played, and at the last minute we decided to play as well and just used The Robustos gear. I have one picture of it, and its in a frame on my wall. The only other bands I remember playing shows with are Ripchord and Squad 5-0. I still have my Ripchord 7'' and a Kossabone Red 12''

  4. I see no mention anywhere of Lee Corum's old band Mock Heroic..haha!!

  5. Stick figure records still has copies of this cd along with Car vs driver's The completeist for 3 dollars each still sealed. Theyre being sold on discogs. I managed to pull out both of thosebcd's along with the 2 7"s Inkwell did (not the split with the hal al shedad) although I should get that one soon too.