Monday, March 1, 2010

Mathis Hunter's Music Television

Our old friend Mathis Hunter (aka Matt New Age, aka Bimbi Smoofus Thomas, aka Bimbi Garraux, aka The Freezer Pleaser), after being the sidemouse in bands such as Quadiliacha, Regicide, Seventy Spacebird, The Good Friday Experiment, The Selmanaires, and the excellent Band Director for Noot d' Noot, has finally assembled a creation entirely his own - the Soft Opening, available now at the finer music retailers of Atlanta. His new band will be unveiled in the live format on Friday at the EARL, along with sets by The Selmanaires and Noot d' Noot, so everyone come down and get your good vibes on.


  1. Freezer Pleaser fucking slays! This record destroys, and this show is going to rule all over the place.

    Hail Pleaser! Hail Soft Opening!

  2. Had a 12-hour work day, including hauling 67 4th graders to the Center for Puppetry Arts. Burned out, pissed that I'm missing the show up the street. I hope it's killin'.