Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's always good to have releases in time for release shows

Judi Chicago will be playing a release show for our second full length at the New New Dottie's on Friday, for your information and weekend planning purposes. Doing these release shows can be stressful, as I have been involved with several where the album was not delivered in time from the pressing plant, or some other SNAFU happens such that we stand around like idiots with no records to sell. Thankfully, we have become more organized in our golden years and can actually have our releases ready as planned. So come on out if you are in the mood, and get a free copy of the album if you are one of the first one hundred customers of the evening. Thanks to Esparanza for the flyer, and check out The Chief Acid Officer, Kid Stuff and Machines Are People Too while you are at it.

Lastly, we did a radio interview yesterday with Adam Bomb DeVore for the Georgia Music Show on WRAS Album 88, which will air on Wednesday at 6PM, and another interview for WMLB AM 1690 which will air on Wednesday and Thursday this week, so be aware.

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  1. Picked it up at Criminal Records last Sunday. A must-have.