Thursday, May 29, 2008

The hal al Shedad at the Driverdome

Hal al Shedad at the Driverdome in 1995 (from L to R): Jon Lukens (Retconned, Year Zero, etc.), Josh White (At A Loss Records), Rebeca Merchant (Scenester Extraordinaire), I don't know this person, Bryan Fielden (The 42, San Augustin).

Here are some photos I dug up featuring classic Hal al Shedad photos from the Driverdome, which was along with the I-Defy house one of the main places to play in Atlanta from 1994 - 1998 or so (I can't remember exactly when the last show happened). As always, click on any picture to enlarge, etc.

July 1, 1995 - Photos taken by Shawn Scallen

Also from Summer 1995 - Photos by Andy Stivers (I believe)

Craig Lee Dempsey and Francis Jenson from the 42 (more on them later)

August 21, 1996 - This was my first show back in Atlanta after spending the summer in San Diego and Austin. I was no longer living at the Driverdome - Saucemaster had taken my room by this time and was sleeping in my bed.


  1. wow, those are early...pre the fancy mic

  2. Those were some great shows, my main memories of seeing Hal Al Shedad were at the DriverDome.

  3. James, good to see this stuff out there. Maybe I will send you some more post your exodus if I can dig it up.

    Chad Paulin

  4. "scenester extraordinaire"? um thanks :) apparently i didn't open my eyes at a show, either.

    these are some amazing pics... you guys never realized how ridiculously hot you were. ok, maybe ben did. heh.

  5. I think we were more tall than hot. How many groupies did the hal al Shedad have? Answer -None. Then again, Atlanta in 1995 was not like Sunset Strip in 1983 or whatever.

  6. The 'unnamed person' between Rebeca and Bryan in the first photo is Faisal Ahmad, one-time GM of WREK (1997ish?) He played bass in a band or two as well if I recall correctly. Crusher Destroyer perhaps?

  7. Crusher Destroyer with Russ and Erv Lockett? I am getting some recordings from them soon, so we'll see. Thanks for filling in the gaps!