Monday, October 26, 2009

Cabron - Mexican Camel Tow

Here is the download: Cabron - Mexican Camel Tow

Cabron is/was the band that Mr. Bob-Rob Medina started in San Diego after leaving Atlanta and Chocolate Kiss behind in 2002. They kind of started out as some old guys playing the music of their childhood, but since have turned into quite a respectable Socal punk-hardcore band. They would regularly play with every classic punk band in the area (I believe their last show was with the Germs), and also venture south of the border to play punk shows in Tijuana and elsewhere. From what Bob tells me, playing a punk show in Tijuana is like going into a timewarp to hardcore from the early 80's. Playing bombed out spaces plugging everything into one extension cord running down the street, full circle pits, dudes with liberty spikes, etc. Sounds pretty unreal. Here is their latest recording, and you can find their earlier album/demo here.

Bob has since moved with his wife Ana to Alexandria, Egypt and continues his day job as a teacher, although I hope he can join up with some Egyptian punkers and start a band there. He keeps a great blog about his experiences called Camels and Tacos, which I would recommend checking out every so often as it gives you some perspective on being an expatriate in an Arab country, which can be quite interesting.

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