Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Mascara Aesthetic - Shake The Golden Calf

Here is the download: Mascara Aesthetic - Shake the Golden Calf

The Mascara Aesthetic was a kind of intermediate band in the 1998 time period between the two longer running bands Wheeljack and Electrosleep International. Michael Keenan and Sean Greathead from Wheeljack teamed up with Josh Fauver from The Perpetual Sciamachy Theorem and Titus as well as Derek Beber to continue in somewhat the same vein as their previous bands, but tightening things up a bit and taking it to a higher level. This time Michael takes lead vocal duties and plays synths, while Josh is on drums, and some impressive drumming I must admit. Sean and Derek take guitar and bass, respectively. I saw Mascara Aesthetic play a few times (once at the UTC show above with Red Monkey and the first Chocolate Kiss show), and remember the angular chaos they emitted, but I am very pleased they made this "demo" before breaking up. This is a complete album of material, and honestly a shame it wasn't ever officially released on a label, as it is a great recording and shows the evolution from Wheeljack to Electrosleep.

Supposedly Sean quit the band and was replaced for a short time by Phil Ritchie from Flakscrampe Traumantra, but only played one last show (with David Ahuja from Wheeljack on drums) opening for Ink and Dagger at Under The Couch, and by 1999 they were done and Electrosleep International started, with Michael and Josh teaming up with Scott Rogers (Wheeljack, Flakscrampe Traumantra) to bring us into the 2000's. After this, of course we have Michael Keenan playing in Battlecat, Airoes and most recently Hawks, while Josh Fauver starts SIDS and later joins Deerhunter. Sean did the Ananke project with me in 2001, then moved to NYC, played in Amverts and now plays in Nights. The rest is ancient history.


  1. Yeah, I was fortunate enough to play with Mascara for a time. It was funny, Sean was moving to NYC and he showed me some songs and gave me a tape of this "demo" and i had to learn all of his parts from it. We only played one show after much practice, broke up, and as stated above, every thing else is history.

    Thanks for the post. The only copy I had was corrupted.

    oh, and track list for those who care:

    1. Intro That Became Famous
    2. Me And The Whip
    3. The Mauve Mouthpiece
    4. Shake The Golden Calf
    5. 50 Strokes With A Stiff Brush
    6. Comes The Charming Evening
    7. Go Get The Bayonet
    8. The Pony Breakup
    9. Dressed In Dynamite

  2. Hey Phil - thanks for the track listing. I have re-uploaded the songs to Mediafire. I wish I had more flyers, pictures, or other items to include, but this is everything I have at the moment.

  3. Hey I think I have the ADATS of Red Monkey from this show in my parent's basement, James. If I give them to you do you have any way of getting those up on here... if they (RM) didn't object?
    I'll bring them to you if you're interested.

  4. Hey Shana - I will definitely borrow them if that's okay with you. I'm supposed to get my hands on a DAT player soon, so then I can transfer all of these old tapes sitting around and post them up. Thanks!

  5. Great! I will get them from my parents, but these are different from DATS, they are big like a beta, if I remember correctly....