Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Compatibility Of Dissonance Compilation

Here is the album for download: A Compatibility Of Dissonance

Here are the tracks:
1. Bughummer - Process No. 2
2. Bughummer - Hank Champion
3. Galanas:Cerdd - Some Are Foaming At The Mouth
4. Galanas: Cerdd - OK To Forget
5. BOB - Ants
6. BOB - China Mo Nichi Sa
7. Barrel - My Sundays Are Filled With Confusion
8. Barrel - Carbon/Lake Missoula
9. Soli Deo Gloria - Degobah System
10. Hell Mach 4 - Beg
11. Estrada - Tumor Song
12. Estrada - That's How They Get You ... Sucker
13. Spackle - Blues Baby
14. Spackle - Dominoes

This is a great mid-nineties Atlanta/Athens compilation put out by Shawn Moseley under the label Lakeside Records. It is a quality release, representing some of the best bands in Atlanta around in the 1996 period. As I have said before on the Fuel and Refuel comps, it's great to have a compilation with several songs from each band included, so you get more of a picture of the band and more overall value for the comp.

So let's get started with the bands. Bughummer were technically from Savannah, but they were just as accomplished as anyone out there and really should have been more a part of the Atlanta scene. It is a 3.5 hour drive, so I guess Atlanta should have closer ties to Birmingham if you look at it that way. Keeley the bassplayer later went into Engine Down, a monumental band of the late 90's, early 00's. Galanas:Cerdd (pronounced Kaerth - it's Welsh) was composed of the non-singing members of Freemasonry (i.e. Kip, Marcus and Bruce) playing non-singing songs, and later adding Rick Moore from Barrel to make it a true supergroup. The songs on this release are pre-Rick, and the song "OK To Forget" was actually played under Freemasonry and appears on one of their Live at WREK sessions. More on Galanas:Cerdd later. BOB has appeared on this blog before, and will be more in the future, so keep checking in. These are some great songs of theirs from their prime era. Also from their prime era are these songs by Barrel. It's really a shame when a band gets better and better with each release, and then breaks up. If they were on such a great upward slope, what would their next songs have been like? Soli Deo Gloria according to Scott Wilson was Tenth Muted Capper under a different name, who were heavily in the house show scene in the mid-nineties. Travis Cartowski the guitarist recently played in Mistaken for Them, and now is starting a new band. Classic Stockbridge postpunk from these Soli Deo Gloria/Tenth Muted Capper/etc. Hell Mach Four was a really underrated band during this chapter of Atlanta music. Transplants from Richmond, VA, they worked their asses off in the trenches for years and made some great albums. Estrada features Christian who played guitar later in The Black Mollies and now in Whores. He has made noise rock better than anyone out there for years in Atlanta, and their addition to the compilation includes their hit single "Tumor Song", a classic for that place and time. Finally, Spackle was originally from Blacksburg, Virginia, but then relocated down to Athens to be part of the great scene that was happening there in 1996. I'm not sure how they ended up on this compilation, maybe they were friends with Shawn. It's quite a shock to the system to hear these songs after all the postpunk noise from the previous bands.

Here is the information on each band, along with some liner notes by Shawn.


  1. Hey James--

    Soli deo Gloria WAS Tenth Muted Capper. I believe they played shows under at least four different names. The song on this comp was one of their earliest ones, if I recall.

  2. Hey Scott - Very interesting. I knew the drummer's name was Scott, but didn't make the connection that they were the same band. I have their split with Galanas:Cerdd, so maybe I'll post their other song someday.

    1. The Track from soli deo gloria on the split with galanas cerdd.Thanks

  3. Thanks so much for posting a copy of this album. I played a sampling from it on my radio show on WSBF-FM Clemson last week.

  4. Thanks Michael. If you have any requests for anything, please let me know. Was there also WEGL in Clemson? I remember playing on the college station there when I was in Car vs. Driver. Scott Wishart arranged it.

  5. Hey James,
    Thanks, I love being able to find out of print music from the south east. I've heard good things about Scott Wishart. I've never meet him in person, but I have bought records from him. I started at WSBF as an undergraduate in 2000. I know a few people from around that time. Did you ever meet Bryon Leggett or Jon Hart? WEGL is another college station. I think Auburn University which is the other Clemson. The past few semesters I've done a fairly wide open "post-punk" show which includes anything from the late 70's to today. I'm mainly playing loud noisy rock music so post punk, noise rock, no wave, post-hardcore, etc. (I've stayed away from screamo) I started off calling the show Discord and Dissonance, but this year I've changed the name to A Joyous Cacophony. To make this comment even longer here is my playlist from 9-3-09:
    DNA - you and you
    TV Ghost - The Singularity
    TV Ghost - Bastille Cold
    Silver - Daggers joy
    Charlie and the Moonhearts - I hate you
    James Chance and the Contortions - jaded
    Mika Miko - sex jazz
    Teen Anger - minimum wage
    Unnatural Helpers - dirty dumb and comical
    A framesn- quantum mechanic
    Creeping Nobodies - sacrosanction
    Mi Ami- - echononecho
    Operation Ivy - hedgecore
    Intelligence - south bay surfers
    Intelligence - witch in outer space
    High Castle - Filth
    Bughummer - process no. 2
    Galanas Cerdd - some are foaming at the mouth
    Bob - ants a
    Barel - my sundays are filled with confusion
    Soli Doo Gloria - degobah system
    Hell March 4 - beg

  6. Man, thanks for putting this blog spot up! but the members of soli deo gloria were: Travis Cartoski-Guartist, Scott Randall-Drummer, and Danny O'Neal-Bass. Keeley was not part of our band, wish he was. We played with Bughummer, Engine Down, Halalshedad, Karate, Unwound, and Karp. We were Tenth Muted Capper and changed it to Soli Deo Gloria.

  7. Hi there - I am glad that the CD listed all of the band members from each contributor to the compilation, otherwise I would never had made the connection that Soli Deo Gloria was Tenth Muted Capper. I remember seeing TMC several times at the Driverdome, and even once at ROM! I also saw Travis play in Mistaken For Them, so it is great to see old friends continuing to play music. If you have any classic TMC or SDG recordings outside of this compilation, please send them my way. Thanks!

  8. James we (tenth muted capper) never played at rom arcade. That was a band I was in called "Copenhill" in 1999,with Brian Ikeda and Terry Holloway, but I was in the Army at the time so I had to quit the band.
    Scott Randall

  9. Scott Wilson!!! what is your e-mail? also I not recall ever playing any shows with engine down or bughummer.

    Scott Randall scotrandall@rocketmail.com

  10. just for posterity sake. soli deo gloria stopped playig shows in 1996. we got together again in 1999 and recorded about ten new songs.Travis was in the AIR FORCE.I JOINED THE ARMY.Daniel went on to play in a trip hop type band called Blue monk, in 1997 I (Scott) played for plexorjet for about three months.ON A SATURDAY IN SEPT.97' plexorjet played live on 88.5 wras the Georgia music show.That was alot of fun for me(Scott).Donald Durant has the dat tape. one of the songs"spinnaker sailing" from that session was put on a plexorjet 7".I TOOK A LONG BREAK FORM BEING IN ANY BANDS ,THEN IN 2005,began COMANITCHE, A band with Tony Summerlin , Amy Summerlin and
    Jacob Anderson.Amy used to play bass in JET BY DAY before she and Tony were married. So I could not believe I was in a band with an ex member of jet by day. the feed back that distracts us was one of my favorite records for a while. Comanitche lasted only about two years. There is about five songs on media fire we recorded at the precient off north ave. but no vocals. That band was alot of fun and I wish it could have lasted. anyway the last band I drummed for was sons of tonatiauh. I went on the road with them back in '09. lots of fun.
    Thanks james for puttins the site up. I really appreciate it.
    Scott Randall

  11. Hey Scott R. - Thanks for the overview, I didn't know you played in Sons of Tonatiauh. It would be nice to post the Soli Deo Gloria unreleased material one day, this place is the local repository for stuff like that.

  12. Soli Deo Gloria also played a couple time with Greg Dempsey from The early atlanta scene band called the 42.I still remember those jam sesions and it truly couls off been some of the best music released in 1996....We all 4 where from stockbridge at the time.I truly wish that group could have recorded some tracks.I still recall what the scene did dor my life as a musician and the 6 hrs a day 5 to 6 times a week to progress into Soli Deo Gloria.It was never about the money for us infact we gave our earnings to the house traveling band most of the time intill Gaven forced a payment on us...lol...At the HAL show....I WISH TO THANK ALL WHO WAS APART OF THOSE DAYS..ALSO TO AMBER INN FOR CONSIDERATION IN A SPLIT 7.....

  13. Soli deo Gloria and tenth muted capper,where definitely ahead of there time.all the house shows they played earning there way into the Atlanta scene.scott was a original drummer with power,and Danny ONeal played bass like a guitar,I remember the shows in Athens the dude dressed like a soccer player,Travis and Danny blended nicely on many different songs I heard.its ashame they didn't release more music.but I recall they where all in it for the times and what music meant to them....highly missed

  14. Hey James do you perhaps have Hell Mach Four's second album? The myspace is dead.