Monday, August 10, 2009

Band Genome - August 2009

Here it is, finally, in all its glory. This image above is just a picture of the genome, it is actually an interactive tool which you can access here:

Thanks a bunch to Mark Walters from Quadiliacha for setting this up. I programmed in 285 bands that are currently included, but there is much more work to be done, so please send me comments on new linkages and mistakes in the file, and I will be continuously updating the document. Also, we are working on different forms of displaying the data, so I will send out updates when they become available.

Enjoy, and I apologize in advance for the headache this will induce.


  1. i like how line drive is at twelve o'clock on this image and kind of set apart from the other bands as if to say, "here's the band that launched the modern atlanta music scene", when in fact it really says, "who the fuck were line drive?".

  2. James, I mean this in the nicest way possible. You're fucking retarded.

  3. Ridiculous awesome.

    Scott Robbins was in Sahel, so that band should be tied into the Barrel/Purkinje Shift complex. I was also in Sahel, so I reckon it should connect to San Agustin, too.

  4. This is beyond awesome. And I need a bigger monitor.

  5. Holy crap. Another shining example of how awesome this site is!

  6. Thanks for the compliments/exclamatory statements. I have added the Sahel/Purkinje Shift/San Agustin link. If anyone else out there sees inconsistencies or other bands that can be linked off the ones listed, please let me know. I'll keep working on it.

  7. The old genome was fun, but this version is incredible.

    Ladies Night, The Rattler and Eeyore can all be connected to the Rock-a-Teens.

  8. hey mark, james. shouldn't quadiliacha link with carbonas, since it's the same dorks in both bands. also, sad thing is, quadiliacha is now gg king, in a bizzaro way. we're addicted to each other in a bad way.

  9. Suzanne, the bassist from Tiger! Tiger! is the drummer for Catfight! and the guitarist for Lust. And most of Tiger! Tiger! were in The Vendettas.
    Also, Buffi from Tiger! Tiger! is the drummer for the Subsonics.

    Keefe, the drummer for The Close was also in Das Assjugend with Rev. Laffo who was also in Greasepaint.

    Adam, drummer from Anna Kramer & The Lost Cause was in The Forty Fives, and bassist Shannon was in Magnapop, later replaced by Scott who was also in Luigi.

    Brian, drummer of Luigi, is in The Georgia Fireflies with Jeff and Leanna who were in Silent Kids. Michael and Leanna of Silent Kids are now in Whale Fall with Michelle from Luigi. Michelle sometimes sings for Silver Lakes, by former member of Seely.

    Scott from Luigi had a band Bad Magic Number with Michael of Silent Kids, Chad from Magnapop, and Brandon of The Preakness.

    Tracy from The Preakness was in Silent Kids and plays with Chickens & Pigs and Mary O. Harrison and the Tiny Tears. Matt from The Preakness was in The Liverhearts.

    Erin was in SIDS and is now in Thy Mighty Contract.

    Collin from Chopper was in Deerhunter. Bradford from Deerhunter is in The Spooks with members of Black Lips and The Kiwis (of the South Pacific).

    Jared from Black Lips was in The Gaye Blades with Trey (used to be in Liverhearts) and Bobby Ubangi (R.I.P.) who was in Bobby and the Soft Spots.

  10. Thanks Alex - I have updated the Genome to include the new links. 336 bands linked so far!

  11. It was nice to finally meet you this weekend. Here's that Seattle band thing I was telling you about:

  12. Hey Alex - It was great to meet you as well! Thanks for the link, from what I can see of her tree it is pretty insane, but we are also talking about Seattle here. I would love to see one on Austin if someone ever takes up that task. Hope you have a better holiday season, and let me know if you have any additions, requests, etc.

  13. Hello sir,

    First, great site! I've found lots of cool stuff here; this genome is one of the best, easy.

    So, with regards to the genome, I have some bands to add:

    I was in the drummer in Camaro Crotch. I was also in Devereaux (with Chad from the Squares and Sorry No Ferrari) and Coulier (Athens); I'm currently in Peachs (Athens) with Josh from Marriage (Athens) and Brion from Powers (Athens.)

    Jeremy from the Squares was in Cynosure with Chris who was in Stasis and Sleep Therapy, York who was in Stranger by Day, Lee who was in Estradasphere and is currently playing with the Orange Tulip Conspiracy (both from out west), and Blake who was in Manhattan.

    I think you already have the links between Camaro Crotch, SIDS, and Blame Game...

    Sunni from Camaro Crotch has been in tons of bands from think she was originally in SIDS, and she was in Eiffel Tower High and is currently in Pleasure Cruise.

    Chad from Sorry No Ferrari used to be in Bender with Chad and Eric from Vegan Coke. Eric from VC is in Scarab with my brother Raheem and Josh and Cory from Greener than Lou; Josh is also in the Goons of Waxing Gibbous.

    Paul from I Would Set Myself on Fire for You was in the Lasch with Whitney Watts, who is in Paper Knives.

    Alex from Ananke was in Go Back to Europe with Travis Thatcher, who is Recompass.

    One of the guys (not sure which) from the Felon Wind is in Awesome Shirt from TN (incidentally, they're playing this saturday in Athens at the Go Bar. If you want further information, email I know, shameless plug. Sorry.)

    I think that's all I can remember. If I remember anything else, I'll let you know. Thanks so much for this; it's...I don't know how to describe it, I'm just glad it exists. Thanks.

  14. Hey Navid - thanks for all the new linkages, I will work on these in the next few days. Sorry I haven't responded sooner, but it has been a busy holiday season. Happy New Year!

  15. Great job on the Band Genome! I was the first bass player in Act of Faith, then Crisis Under Control, and in TenTwoFour. My time in AOF was short lived. But theres a connection with AOF and TenTwoFour.


  16. Two 10-2-4 connections with AOF because our first singer was Steve Bolton. Hi Paul! Ten Two Four post coming this week.