Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sacrificial Lamb - East Cobb House Show Nostalgia

Back in 1995, The hal al Shedad and The Forty Two played a garage/house show in Cobb County with several other bands, including Sacrificial Lamb. This was a milestone show for several people in the scene, and luckily someone filmed the set and some of the goings on at the show, and we can enjoy it in 2009. I was at the show, but unfortunately missed their set, which was good, but no Geisch. As I didn't grow up around this area, I'm not sure of everyone in this video, but there are some nice cameos of Ben Lukens, Scott MC, Gavin Frederick, Rebecca Merchant, and Craig Lee Dempsey in there. Thanks Henry for the link!

You also have to check out Part Two:


  1. The guy at the beginning of the 1st video with the huge hair is Cam. I'm not sure what happened to him. He worked at North Point Mall while I worked there. He was a real swell guy.

  2. Nice, John Necrolust on the drums. It's also good to see that Billy Cole never missed a fucking show...represent!

    "(their set) was good, but no Gheisch"
    No shit. Obviously, some pretty big Pink Panties / Gheisch / Sandy Springs Medley fans, and while I applaud their efforts, I must point out their lack of focus. I mean, is it too hard to have a theme? Can't you co-opt a super-hero indentity or something? What's your cause, what are you fighting for? C'mon fellas, let's get this together before the next show, all right?

  3. oh my. looks like the entire employee roster of general cinema at merchants walk. i have no recollection of ever even hearing about this show. from the looks of it, that might have been a good thing. OOOOSNAP.

  4. i thought they didn't allow john at shows... grey, you also forgot the nutty j. squirrel/regicide undertones.

    we need the regicide video from you the old godless red athens house with the firework machine.

  5. that was brian berkanoff's (sp?) house. i *think* it was a food not bombs benefit or something.

    good times. and yeah hens. thanks :P

  6. I grew up in the area (and pass the camera at 2:08 in the first video) and know a fair number of people in the beginning.

    After Cam (don't remember the girl) was Thomas D. with the "Jesus died for his own sins not mine" line, Jen, Sarah Fitz (lives in NYC now) . . . Shaun Keating with the lollipop and the hat, John "Necroloust" Smith on the drums . . . after the battery swap is Brian "Spankabitch" Bankovitch (this was his house--it might have been called the Mad Cow Dome) in black introducing the band, and Sean Fitzgerald (of Electrosleep Int'l) in the DK shirt. The guy filming was named Eric if I recognize the voice.

    The show was a Food Not Bombs benefit. This was a great afternoon of bands. Thanks for posting the video.