Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Busy Weekend Coming Up

Friday Night's Show

Saturday Night's Show

So I hate to bring this sad news to all of you, but the end is nigh for the band known as Sonn Av Krusher. We have Friday night's show at the Caledonia in Athens (I'm looking at you, Phil Dwyer) and a show planned for April 11 at the Drunken Unicorn. After these two U.S. appearances, we will no longer function as the band you have come to know (if you know us) and love (if you love us). There is always the possibility that the "Heavy Metal - The Hammer Of Hate" banner may fly once again, but based on our current personal situations, we are no longer able to keep the band fully operational.

So that is Friday night's show, Saturday night will be Noot d' Noot at the EARL with Dark Meat from Athens. Supposedly we are going to play after them, which could pose some logistical difficulties in moving all of the equipment of Dark Meat's off the stage and setting up all the Noot gear on stage. I will look to DJs Cozy Shawn and Brett Eclectic to keep the party going during all this heavy lifting and cables flying all over the place.


  1. awwwSNAP. well i guess i know what im doing friday night.

  2. is the proven hollow moniker Ignition related?

  3. I saw The Stickmen four or five times, always at a high school or some sort of community center/meeting hall that someone had rented out for a show. The last two times I saw them they had added a percussionist to their lineup. They played Santana's "Soul Sacrifice" in the lunchroom at Tucker High School in '89 or '90.

  4. Sorry, I meant to post that comment on "The View Compilation" entry.