Monday, August 18, 2008

The hal al Shedad Lost Live at WREK Session: January 9, 1996

Here is the download: Hal al Shedad Live at WREK - January 9, 1996

So Chris van Etten gave me some recordings I had been looking for to post on this blog, and with one of these recordings was the hal al Shedad Live at WREK set. Once I listened to it, however, I realized it was our first Live at WREK recording from January 9, 1996 that was believed to be long lost. In fact, I had forgotten about it completely, but when I put it on and heard Jon Lukens' introduction to Consolation Prize, it all came back. This session was done after the first single had been released, but a few months before we recorded the album for Troubleman/Buddy System. We play some of the original 7 songs that comprised our set in 1995, but also played some new songs that would eventually appear on the album. Songs like Consolation Prize, Unification and Falling Out, but we also play On Building A Timebomb, which was never released as well as 1/1/96, which was written only 8 days before. Even though the recording is a little overdriven, it is a good document of what we were like right at one of the points of transformation of the band.

Also, Jon Lukens has been transferring and posting a lot of old performances from the mid-90's Atlanta DIY scene on Youtube, including the Hal al Shedad, Year Zero, Wheeljack, Inkwell and The 42. Here is us playing Walking Blind Dancing at the Lizard and Snake in Chapel Hill, NC sometime in 1997.


  1. I found the 2 HAS shows from the Echo on tape! Now to just transfer them! Pinkie promise. You'll get 'em.

  2. Thanks Henry! Let me know when you post them, and I'll put them up. Very exciting.

  3. is that jon or benjamin reading at the beginning?

  4. That is Jon Lukens doing the spoken word piece. I'm not sure where it's from, however.