Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sonn Av Krusher - Live at the E.A.R.L. December 26, 2007

The Krusher played its 3rd show the other night at the EARL in Atlanta, and luckily for us (unlucky for you), the show was captured by soundman Kurt. This guy Tim in the audience told me that the set made him forget about the Civil War. Here is our set, broken into 2 tracks:

Sonn Av Krusher - Live at the EARL December 26, 2007

The first track is "Krusher Medley", which is actually a string of Snake Mountain Death Ride/High Holy Days/Long Arm of the Lamb/Angel Dust 500/The Widower, all together in one salvo. The second track is our cover of Evil by almost any artist out there, but we lean toward the version performed by Cactus in the early 70's. Enjoy.

Matt Mauldin on the Vokills.

Gray Kiser on the electic fiddle.

Matt Mauldin on the vampire.


  1. Fucking brootal. Guitarist should learn how to tune up.

  2. is that vampire face still around?

  3. Vampire Face is in my basement - I'll bring it to next practice.