Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Start the Atlanta Band Genome

Here is the Atlanta band genome in all its third draft glory, fully exploded in every direction to illustrate how all these bands are interconnected through their members, as we are well aware that no musician can be in just one band. The bands highlighted in yellow were ones that yours truly played in.

Please let me know what additions and corrections you might have, and I'll do my best to update the document. The only requirement for inclusion is that the band in question must have played at least one live show.

January 20 Update - Dr. Kinje has officially linked Noot d' Noot to John Coltrane in 5 steps, so I'm not sure how more absurd it can get. Of course I had to update the document to add that bit. The list keeps growing, so keep adding comments.



  1. good god. how many generations away from the original atlanta member are you allowing this to go? maybe you could color code the boxes so that as the band contains fewer atlanta members the color becomes lighter in intensity

  2. actually, i can connect Noot with Youth Of Today in five steps....
    James Joyce is in Noot D'Noot
    James Joyce is in Sonn Av Krusher
    Gray Kiser is in Sonn Av Krusher
    Gray Kiser was in Line Drive
    Rob Seeman was in Line Drive
    Rob Seeman was in Naked Angels
    Kavin "Opie" Taylor was in Naked Angels
    Kavin "Opie" Taylor was in Shelter
    Ray Cappo was in Shelter
    Ray Cappo was in Youth Of Today.

    Noot to SAK to Line Drive to Naked Angels to Shelter to Youth Of Today...hell, I bet you didn't realize Noot was so close to the '88 youth crew!

  3. I will add that little nugget to the genome. I want to make it as absurd as possible, so any examples such as the one described by Sgt. Gary Flowers are welcome. I am also including as many early bands as I can so that the musicians involved are fully embarrassed, so keep it coming.

  4. you haven't factored in Swing Riot, which would then get you to Crisis Under Control, to Act of Faith, The Difference, TenTwoFour, and so on into Duluth infamy.

  5. Before Purkinje Shift I was in Habeas Corpses. Richard Davis played bass in HC and went on to join Gargtantua, Grand Moff Tarkin and Greasepaint. I also played saxophone in a group called Nu Zodiac Ensemble which had Chris Burt from Cicaca Sings and PH Balance on bass. Adam Overton from Moreland Audio also had a band called Wislov. Rick and Scott from Barrel were also in John Brown which included Bruce and Mike from Fiddlehead. Bryan from San Augustin/42 was in a band with Lewis Lovely called The Aslund Constant.

  6. I almost forgot:
    Ben Davis is in Noot D'Noot
    Ben Davis played in Gold Sparkle Large Ensemble
    Andrew Barker was in Gold Sparkle Large Ensemble
    Andrew Barker played in William Parker's Little Huey Creative Orchestra
    William Parker is in his own Orchestra
    William Parker played in the Cecil Taylor Unit
    Cecil Taylor played in his own Unit
    Cecil Taylor Played in the John Coltrane group on his album "Coltrane Time."
    John Coltrane played the saxophone very well.
    Five steps away from both Youth of Today and John Coltrane...I'd say it's a good position to be in.

  7. TenTwoFour would have been a direct lead into Freemasonry as Third Season was actually a direct lead into Fiddlehead.

  8. james you need to add my bloodspoon and venosity connections. danny and chris from bloodspoon played in injected. mike from bloodspoon plays in rehab. also, cade from venosity and chocolate kiss played in five by nine and myssouri.


  9. some connections:

    burnes and robbins of BARREL and REBAR were previously in SAHEL

    flom of PURKINJE SHIFT et al was in REBAR

    burnes and daniell of BARREL are in SAN AGUSTIN

    burnes of BARREL was in GOLD SPARKLE BAND (distinct from GS LG ENSEMBLE)

    daniell of SAN AGUSTIN routinely performs with mccombs and others of TORTOISE, though i know not under what name

    davis of PURKINJE SHIFT et al, mallard of GOLD SPARKLE, and burnes & daniell of BARREL were in APPARITION RESPONSE ENSEMBLE

    there's always more, but those jump out at me when i (burnes) see your marvelous diagram.

  10. oh yeah, burnes & mallard of GSB and APPARITION RESPONSE ENSEMBLE were in WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS, which, while not a big hit with the kids, was nonetheless tied in spirit and practice to many of the individuals and ensembles on the genome... and left a bit of a stain, at that.

  11. Hey Andrew - I will work on a new version in the next week or so. I am running out of space quickly, so I have to spread all of the bands out more and add more detail within each area. Thanks for the extra info - it will be nice to link Tortoise and the Chicago link to the Genome.

  12. Hi James. You took my place in Remuxers. I was also in Gaijin with Greg and Sarge [and Andrew Croake, RIP]. Before that, I was in Big John Trail with John Paul, who was previously in Spiney Norman.


  13. James -
    This is Scott from Amber Inn. I like your style with this graphical representation of band linkage. Send me an email at help(at)bandtoband(dot)com so I can mine you for info to get all this stuff up on our site.


  14. like above barrel connects to san augustin...
    and the mike douglas links to the walt lariat...

  15. also according to will...
    mathis hunter was in quadiliacha...
    others probably know more this than i do....

  16. Thanks Smoggo for the clarification. I do remember Mathis in Quadiliacha but not the link between The Mike Douglas and Walt Lariat. There are many more direct linkages that I can make from band to band, but the chart becomes so busy with lines it loses some of its meaning. I need to make it three dimensional. I have updated the file now.

  17. LevelHead (Jason Neubert and Gino Zahn) turned into The Walt Lariat. I also want to say that some of it's member(s) came from the Pullouts (maybe Damien).

  18. Just a note:
    Ladies Night and The Rattler are/were the same band. We also were called PHD for a stint
    -Justin Hughes

    p.s. an important band active since 1986 is DQE (also called Dairy Queen Empire for a short time), I played on their album "But Me, I Fell Down"

    I'm currently in 2 bands: Batata Doce and Missile Command

  19. I was in Ten Two Four then went to sing with Crisis Under Control. I also practiced with Greg and Andrew in the very beginning signs of Gai-Jin. At the end of Act of Faith and Crisis Under Control we merged to form Ex Members Of... and played out a good bit. Before Freemasonry was Initiative with Mark and Sarge. Sarge was also in Ten Two Four which indeed links to Freemasonry. Initiative's guitarist Darren "Opie" went on to play with the Partisan.

  20. Connecting Scout and Ostinato Grove to Led Zeppelin:

    Erv Lockett was in Scout and Ostinato.
    Erv Lockett was in Karate Bear Fighter with Marshall Dandar.
    Marshall Dandar was in Ladies Night with Jeff Patch.
    Jeff Patch was in Eeyore, and upon quitting was replaced with Ted Selke.
    Ted Selke was in Mr. Crowes Garden, which later became the Black Crowes.
    Jimmy Page plays on the Black Crowes Live at the Greek album.
    Jimmy Page was in Led Zeppelin.

  21. You left out Stopper, The Pins, Fuckeverybody, ANXIETY, The Casualties(not NYC) and a lot of other bands that were around when HC was around. Mark Stopper was in most of those bands and also in Grand Moff Tarkin.

  22. A little late to the game, but Marcus Lowe of Inkwell played in Joyce and Good Friday Experiment. Martin from Inkwell played in Broken for a little while.

  23. Also, Martin from Inkwell was one of the three headed singer chaos of Gheisch.