Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Macho Donkey Wrestler

Here is the download: Macho Donkey Wrestler

Okay, it has been a long time, and I apologize for the absence. I have been in the middle of family business as well as job-finding business, but things have equilibrated for the moment and I can bring the old blog back and catch up on some of these posts. Next out of the gate is the (mostly) unreleased discography of Macho Donkey Wrestler, an early-aughts Atlanta band with strong ties to the Moodswing crowd. In fact, the first two songs were released by Moodswing as a split 7" with the great Remuxers in 2002. The band consisted of Allan Chastain on guitar/vocals (formerly of Copa Vance), David Lane on drums and Jason Revell on guitar/vocals. All of the members would continue on with Rick Moore and Greg Murder in The Wayne Williams, David in Lay Down Mains, and now in Rick's new band, Skinjobs. There are a bunch of other connections to report, but I am an outsider to this family tree, so it will have to come from Jason or someone else. Musically, they put out some mathy, aggressive, discordant postpunk, much like the other bands mentioned here, but refined over time as a kind of subgenre of Atlanta rock. In my opinion Lay Down Mains has done it best thus far, but I need to see Skinjobs in action to get the latest from the Rick Moore camp. With this crew, it's always loud, it's always unrelenting, and it always makes you a little uncomfortable, mostly in a good way.

Thanks again to Jason Revell (dictated, but not read), for helping me with the post and being patient while I sorted my life out. Enjoy the sounds from the early part of this century.

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