Monday, September 13, 2010

No More Heroes aka Brad Post #7

June 16, 1996—a date that will live in infamy—the band known to us as Act of Faith played their final show. After playing together in one form or another for eight years straight they decided to call it quits and play their final gig on a Sunday afternoon at The Point (just as God would have wanted it).

Luckily, Chuck Petrakopoulos recorded it to DAT off the soundboard. There also is video of the show, which I hope to one day soon put on Youtube and post here.

The unique thing about hardcore bands is that if you just listen to their live recordings you might think they sucked (what without seeing the stage antics and audience participation etc.). When you're jumping into the crowd you're sure to miss a note or two.

For the time being to illustrate my point, this is an earlier clip of the band playing their staple singalong, "Stepping Away", at The Wreck Room. The audience never could quite get the vocals down on that one…

The last show audio can be found here. Along with the usual song suspects you came to love from AOF, they also played "Candle In the Corner" (a Difference cover) and a new unreleased song called, "All Too Real". The final lineup featured on this recording is Rob Fuller on vocals, Ken Saluzzi and Carter Davis on guitar, Josh Terrell on bass and Jonathan Dixon on drums.

Also playing the show that day was Crisis Under Control and I'm sure at least one other band but can't remember who. If you played it, please let us here at Beyond Failure know and I'll add you.

All photos were taken by Elizabeth Brown/Beard. Elizabeth, with her trusty camera always in hand, was an integral part of the documentation of our scene. She recently has been taking all of her negatives to Walgreens and having them scanned to disk. She has been so kind to send these to me (which I cannot thank her enough for). Hopefully soon I will have a post dedicated entirely to the images that she captured of our bands. Just to warn you members out there from other bands, AOF was her favorite. They got more lens time with her but there still is a nice smattering of all parties involved.


  1. Good to see my sideburns back then were completely out of control.

    Thanks, Brad!

  2. I think I still have those shorts. The hair gel, not so much.

  3. I regret I never shot Spiney Norman, and I dunno why!