Friday, August 13, 2010

Habeas Corpses - "A1 Good Copy" 5 Song Demo

Here is the download: Habeas Corpses Demo

This is a 5 song recording done by the late great Habeas Corpses, featuring Ben Davis (Purkinje Shift, Moreland Audio, Home of the Wildcats, Lumens, Noot d' Noot, and several others) as well as two other guys I didn't know celebrating their love of The Germs, Misfits, and other late 70s, early 80's punk/hardcore. This is from an era before everything went literally to your head - it is genuine rough and ready stuff. Whenever I listen to this, I automatically think of the Lazy Lizard Lounge, which was the basement mini-club under the Somber Reptile during the 1993-1995 era, and would host plenty of performances by bands such as Habeas Corpses. In fact, I'm sure a band like this was playing to five people in every punk bar across the country at this time, maybe cutting themselves with glass bottles (as HC sometimes did), engaging in horrible stage banter (as HC and every other band at that time did), and eventually imploding after a certain threshold of soul crushing had been reached. See for yourself here and here.

Habeas Corpses played a few bigger shows with Car vs. Driver, but even then we were in very different musical worlds. They were on the border between playing more hardcore all-ages venues like the Somber Reptile and the Wreck Room, but also bars like Dottie's, and not really fitting in at any of them. I didn't personally know Ben Davis until after he took the math rock plunge and started The Purkinje Shift, and rolling our daily Tortillas burritos, but I have since gotten to know him very well and consider him a great friend and one of the most respected musicians I know. Who would have thought?


  1. I passed on a copy of a 1994ish Habeas Live@WREK performance to Bimbi a couple months back. Hit him up for that, there's more songs and tons of inane - er, I mean witty banter.

  2. So nostalgic.
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