Friday, July 16, 2010

Travis Thatcher's Escape To New York

Travis Thatcher (Judi Chicago, Recompas, Go Back To Europe) will be saying goodbye to Atlanta in a big electro love-in at Eyedrum on Sunday, July 18. It is very sad to see him go, but New York is really the place to be for a guy so amazingly talented. On the bill is his band Recompas, which is basically a free-for-all for everyone in attendance, Retconned, Social Studies, Border Country (Roman Photos dudes), Lyonnais, Sand Castles, and Sawforest. There will also be cook-outs, customized vehicles and electronics, beer, soldering, and everything else Travis holds dear. I want to wish him all the best of luck and success in the big city, and I will be here, listening from my window for The Voice of Saturn beacon.

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