Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Re/Model - New Sounds from the Turn of the Century

Here is the download: Re/Model Discography

1-7: from "The Vampire Lovers to the Stars" EP
8-11: from the Demo CDR

After the breakup of Inkwell in 1996, everyone in the band went their separate ways to other musical projects and artistic ventures. To anyone who knew the guys in Inkwell, they were not the typical 90s hardcore-emo kids. They were into all kinds of music and ideas, and for bassplayer Marty Rioux, he started this band Re/Model with like-minded musicians Luis Arias on guitar/vocals and Thomas Wise on drums. This band embodied their love of 90's alternative rock, britpop, shoegaze, etc. that was a solid break from his past, but the main songwriter Luis had a good sensibility for writing this kind of music, so they existed as a band unto its own and not really tied to anything previous. However, it was such a drastic change from Marty's old band, and several years had elapsed between the two that not so many of the old Inkwell fanbase made the jump. Therefore they always seemed to struggle, as many of us did in the early 2000's, and just never really found their fanbase. This was a difficult period for local music in Atlanta, as there was very little popular support for local bands and the venues were in a transition period as well. I do think that they would have worked well with the new crop of Atlanta indie bands out there (e.g. Abby Go Go, NEC, etc.), but it was the wrong time and place. They recorded and self-released a demo and EP before calling it a day, sometime in 2002 I believe. Close to the end I remember Joe Myers from Inkwell joining the band on second guitar and adding more texture/heaviness to the sound, but I do not have any recordings from this period. Sometime after this Luis tragically took his own life, and everyone went their separate ways once again. I actually started playing with Marty, Joe and Gray Kiser for a little while in a band called Black Venus, but that is another story for another day.

Here is the artwork from their EP:

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