Friday, January 2, 2009

Back in a couple of days - Enjoy the Viking imagery

Hey everybody - we are currently in the international blog rest period, but once I am back at the job regularly and in the normal routine, you can expect some new activity. Until then, you can enjoy a new flyer produced by Gray Kiser of Hands Of An Angry God Graphics and Design, Inc.


  1. Hi, thanks for all that interesting stuff!
    Only wanted to ask if you can post Hal Al Shedad's "Textures of Tomorrow" and possibly also "Singles and Unreleased Recordings: 1995-1999".
    I can't stop listening the first album, hehe, but it also makes me interested for the other recordings.


  2. Hey Jamie - I'm probably not going to post the other Hal albums right at this moment, but Phil from Inkwell posted the Singles CD on the great blog Zen and the Art of Face Punching (, so you can definitely find it there. I have been working on a post for Textures of Tomorrow, but I want to get to some other stuff first. Thanks for the interest!

  3. Hi James, I think it was Zen where I asked couple of days ago and there was something like it had been posted by some contributor (not blog "owner" directly) and it seemed there is no chance for new link. Anyway, thanks for your help. j.

  4. aw man, why you guys have to play on MONSTER JAM night??