Thursday, December 4, 2008

Please Don't Disappoint Glenn

I am very excited to have Glenn Danzig finally endorse one of our flyers. We're playing tomorrow (Friday) night at Wonderroot on Memorial Drive, so feel free to check it out. Remember when there were no clubs booking our bands and we played at Under the Couch, I-Defy, Liquid Bean, BLTs, etc? This place reminds me of that time - and it's all ages! Bring your kids!


  1. i was going to see polvo after our show but given my back problems, but i'll probably be down for the count after we play.

    i might have two tickets to spare if you need them...

  2. for some reason i can't write on this blog.

  3. holy crap, you're finally playing close enough to the eav again so that we don't have to leave the 2 or so mile radius from our house (the flatiron). three questions: 1. what time are y'all expecting to go on? 2. how much is the show? 3. will glenn actually be in attendance, and if so, should i try to wow him with my dead-on danzig/morrissey impression, or would he just spit fake blood in my face?

  4. Hey SA - Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. Don't know - Maybe 3rd or 4th, but shows are early, so I'd say 10:30 or 11:00 should be safe.

    2. Don't know, but it's all local bands so probably pretty cheap.

    3. Due to a slipped disc, Matt will actually not be singing tonight, so perhaps we can get Glenn (or someone who does a good impersonation) to fill in. You have to also play Theremin.

  5. see, if i'd actually seen this i would've been all over that. i need to practice my theremin skills, anyway. the husband got a call from the cousin saying he wasn't playing, so we decided to drink beer instead. we're assholes, i know. hope it went well as a 2-piece.

  6. You didn't disappoint me - only Glenn so you are going to have to deal with that. The show was pretty good for 2/3 of the band playing. It met my expectations, and none of our amps blew up, so that is a plus.

    You need to come out on January 10th at the Drunken Unicorn, however to pay for your sins.