Friday, October 31, 2008

The Difference 1992 Demo

Here is the recording for download: The Difference 1992 Demo

This was one of the last old demo tapes in my archive, so while everything is hooked up I transferred it to CD and uploaded it here. Now I can put my tape player away and start working on the mini-discs. I saw the Difference a few times during their day, but it is all a vague memory to me, and I couldn't tell you really any details at the moment. A lot of these early shows at the Wreck Room, Milo's, Somber Reptile all run together. Many bands played, there were pits and stage-diving, there was a lot of pointing and yelling of choruses, I'm not sure which ones were the Difference. They were right in middle of the Duluth hardcore scene with Crisis Under Control, Act of Faith, etc., but I personally didn't know the guys at all, so maybe some comments can share some info on their history and current exploits.

With regards to the music, listening to the Atlanta Hardcore Compilation 7", I was impressed by how professional their song sounded (and especially the drumming, which was pretty top notch in this style), but I think this demo might have preceeded that recording as it is definitely rougher and has not developed nearly as much. I'm not sure if it was recorded at Sleepless Nights, but it could also have been done on a 4-track in their basement, it's hard to tell. Most of the recordings from back then were pretty rough, no matter where it was done.

Thanks to Will Greene for the flyer - who else?


  1. i always loved the difference. from duluth but way different than the others.

  2. Yeah, fuck all those Doo-luth guys.