Monday, March 24, 2008

Jeru in Montana – Sunset On Tokyo 1997 Demo

(Jon Rothman and Sunset on Tokyo rocking his basement in Missoula - April 1997)

Check it out: Sunset On Tokyo - 1997 Demo

Car Vs. Driver ended on July 21, 1995. One of the main reasons was that Jon Rothman was supposed to go to school in Montana to study forestry (actually in 1993), but he delayed his trip by two years because he was having so much fun playing in CVD. So in the fall of 1995, he finally left for Missoula to follow his dream of becoming a park ranger. However, when he got there he ended up starting this completely amazing band called Sunset on Tokyo. The hal al Shedad played with them in Missoula and Portland during our Spring 1997 tour, and both times they were unbelievable. They had a great live sound, and Jon’s guitar playing grew exponentially from Car Vs. Driver days. I look at this demo as a glimpse into songs that might have been the basis of CVD songs, had we stayed around another year or two. Jon really got along with the other guitarist in the band, and I believe formed several other bands over the years with that guy (although I don’t have any recordings), and eventually joined up with the Long Winters out of Seattle. Go check him out next time they come through your town.

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