Friday, September 21, 2007

Time to post some pictures

Here is the hal al Shedad in Sweden, Summer 1997. We took some professional shots for a magazine, and they had us do some strange poses. Anyhow, they looked pretty cool.

Here is the hal al Shedad playing a fest in Philadelphia, sometime early in 1998 I believe. I was using the drums from the Red Scare, as I flew up to the show using the Air Tran X fare.
Hal al Shedad in Columbus, Ohio in 1998. We played a living room, but I can't remember very much else about the show. I believe we played with a local band called Union Blue, but I'm not positive on that one.

The shot above and below are from a Food Not Bombs benefit at MJQ early in 1998.

The shot below was a band promo photo for Chocolate Kiss, taken around 1999. We all had glasses except for Matt (on right), so we decided to switch things around and he's wearing my glasses in the picture.

This shot was Chocolate Kiss in Denver, CO in July of 2001. If Bob was really having fun playing, he would take his clothes off. That was just the type of guy you were dealing with.

Here I am playing drums in the Good Friday Experiment practice space, around 2002.

Last but definitely not least, here are some pictures of the Midget Farmers playing in Huntsville, AL in 1993. I still have that green and black striped Gap shirt from Jenn Erts.


  1. i think chad is rocking a "902101" shirt!!! holy hell thats awesome!!!

  2. fuckin' Bob !
    what's the connection to ANgel Hair, though ? ? ?

    got here via Stew Vee.

    great infos !

  3. Hey Big Carl - Bob was in Savalas out in Boulder, CO with Sonny from Angel Hair (before he was in AH). Who is Stew Vee?

  4. Oh hi, those are MF pics I took back in the day and sent scans to Eric. Still have the prints around here somewhere. Just stumbled upon this post today, but glad to see they were shared a while ago. :)