Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year! Fit and Working Again!

Hope you all had a good New Years - I spent the entire time in a manner reminiscent of my favorite Pere Ubu quote:

"Rock music is mostly about moving big black boxes from one side of town to the other in the back of your car."

So I took some time off from the blog, but I'm just about ready to start posting again. As usual, there is a huge backlog of material that I am trying to get through, but it keeps piling up. I sincerely apologize to Kim Chee, Gray Kiser and Kip Thomas in for how long I have been holding onto your stuff, I will try to get everything back to you as soon as I can.

Unfortunately I was not able to finish all of the Perimeter Records/Outer Loop/Flagpole Christmas compilation posts in time for Christmas, but instead of writing about them now, I will save the remaining posts for December 2010 when the spirit will be back upon us. However, I have uploaded all of the music, which you can find here:

If you remember the Bliss post I did awhile back, Henry Owings sent me a live recording of a reunion show they did in Athens back in 1994:

If there was a show in Atlanta or Athens back in the nineties, chances are he has a recording of it somewhere in his dark tower of DATs. However, it would probably take thousands of man hours to organize and transfer everything to CD/MP3.

Drew Rydberg sent me a recording of the No Walls Live at WREK session, probably from 1991 or 1992, which is excellent and includes some interesting free jazz improvisations between songs. Here are his notes - "First off, credit where credit is due.....this Live @ WREK show was originally recorded directly to cassette from the radio broadcast by my friend Randy Castello. He loaned me that tape many years ago, and at the time I was working at a studio in Nashville, so I was able to clean up/re-master the recording somewhat. It seems like the band didn't have enough material to fill out the show, so there are a few improvisations sprinkled in between the normal songs (I'm not complaining). There was some chaff/banter that was cut out here and there for the sake of making a listenable CD, but all the good stuff is there."

I have included it on the original post, but you can also download it here: No Walls Live at WREK

The Thomas Peake memorial show at Eyedrum on December 20th was amazing, and I have posted some of my recordings here:

Lumens is the new band with Gary and Ben from The Purkinje Shift along with Ben Lukens from The hal al Shedad. The Purkinje Shift need no introduction, but I am currently working on a Purkinje Shift post for this blog. Seventy Spacebird played after everyone had left, but it was a good time and Mathis Hunter edited best parts of the set into one concise track.

Lastly, The hal al Shedad plan to play a one-time reunion show on March 27, 2010 at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta as a benefit for our friend Gavin Frederick. You may know that Gavin got a nasty bacterial infection right before Thanksgiving, and had to be hospitalized for over a week. He does have a health plan, however he had to take out essentially a car loan to pay for the deductible. So this is our way of helping him out, and saying thanks for all the support he has given our town and our music over the years. Rizzudo will also play the show, as well as hopefully Some Soviet Station, although I need Jesse Smith to confirm this. Lee - has Jesse talked to you about this?


  1. Can't wait for the reunion show .... Gavin deserves all the help he can get, he has done a lot for the music scene here in ATL.

  2. I will definitely be at the show.

  3. Not EVERYBODY left before Seventy Spacebird - I heard it! Looking forward to the hal show.

  4. James, you'll let me know if I can be of any assitance with the show at the DU, right? I've said this many times, but this city needs ten more Gavins.

  5. Thanks for these great Christmas comps from Perimeter & Flagpole.
    Just an FYI, apparantly you never did any posts on the last 2 Flagpole Christmas comps, Red Headed Stepson & Beatnik Cousin or at least not that I can find, did find the upload folders to be able to dl though so it would be great to have the artwork for those last 2 comps, also track 22 of the beatnik cousin comp is screwed up, corrupt in zip, can only dl as single file but name is too long so won't name right either but at least you can shorten name, dl & listen.
    if you can post the artwork or send to me at:, would be much apprecdiated. Torch