Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bliss - Pork 'n' Cockin'

Here is the download: Bliss Recordings

Update: Henry Owings sent me a live recording of Bliss' reunion show from December 10, 1994 at the Atomic Music Hall in Athens, which you can download here.

Bliss was a band from Athens in the 1990-1993 time period, featuring the excellent recording engineer/bassplayer Andy Baker as well as Will Low and Joe Rowe on guitar/vocals and drums. They were the first Athens band in my memory that adopted the Dischord style of postpunk but brought an Athens area sound to it. As I have mentioned before, they were one of my favorites from the Fuel compilation, but like many of the artists from this era, they disbanded before I moved to Athens and could see them live. They also released two cassettes, Man Comes a Knockin' and Drive Hard, but unfortunately I don't have these in my collection. If anyone has MP3s of these releases, I would love to hear them.

I know Andy Baker went on to record amazing records at Chase Park Transduction and elsewhere, and played in several bands including Servotron. Will Low left Athens to work for IBM, and Joe Rowe played in The Glands as well as Casper and the Cookies and now does his own thing as The Goons.

Here are the lyrics/artwork from the single as well as the insert from the Fuel compilation:


  1. thank you for another great post! bliss really caught my attention on the fuel compilation.

    sad the band didn't last very long, but would you look at Andy Baker's client list at Chase Park Transduction?! really incredible.

  2. James, I've got a live show by Bliss I taped in '94 if you wanna post it.

  3. James - I'm so psyched you posted this. I think of this band every once in a while and can always remember only Acid Lake. I used to wear this tape out in my '84 Toyota Corolla. - Jason A.

  4. Hey Jason - I just added a live show to the post from 1994. If I get my hands on those tapes someday I will post those as well. Thanks!

  5. This was one of my favorite bands. I have the cassettes on MP3, thanks to Joe Rowe. He put them online - I will try to find the link.

  6. And here's the link to a compilation of Bliss tunes from the cassettes...