Thursday, December 24, 2009

Perimeter Records - Christmas '93 Compilation

Here is the download: Perimeter Records 1993 Christmas Compilation

Here is the track listing:
1. HoHoHum Christmas by My Evil Twin
2. Holiday In The Snow by My Evil Half Twin
3. Christmas On Ganymede by Thompson/Hughes/Swartz
4. Ride The Pink Pig by My Evil Twin
5. D. yule I. by Pineal Ventana
6. Solstice Lights by Thompson/Hughes
7. Not Even A Mouse by Sequence 3
8. The Twelve Days by Routerwhelm
9. Mrs. Claus Gets Religion by Sphinctus Ignitus Pretensio
10. Grey Zone by Sphinctus Ignitus Pretensio
11. Don't Get Too Big by Sphinctus Ignitus Pretensio
12. Shallow and Lonely by Sphinctus Ignitus Pretensio
13. Hairline by Sphinctus Ignitus Pretensio
14. On Christmas Day Santa Screens His Calls by Sphinctus Ignitus Pretensio

Here is the last of the Perimeter Records Christmas compilations, of course thanks goes out to Doug Hughes for helping to put these out and providing the history of the series. You can also download all of the Perimeter Records and Outer Loop series of compilations here. In this installment, you have quite a bit more Christmas-themed novelty music from My Evil Twin, as well as some ambient electronic soundtracks by Thompson, Hughes and Swartz and even an original number by the great Pineal Ventana. Sequence 3 and Routerwhelm get some experimental sound collages going, while Sphinctus Ignitus Pretensio takes the entire second half of the compilation with some bizarre avant rock. I'm not sure who was in that band, but there is probably a good story or two behind that one.

Here is the complete artwork (click to enlarge):


  1. And lo, the Magi delivered unto the newborn child color copies on the morning of Christmas... and the monochrome era faded into darkness.

  2. Enjoyed your New Years Eve peformances! Review up at

  3. Thank you so much for posting these!!! I was there at the time, but had no idea that these existed. These are great examples of how incredibly weird and creative Atlanta was at a time during which it was thought of as a little redneck fork in the road by those very important people in LA and NY.

    It was a search for Christmas Music that brought me here, but Santa made sure he gave me a gift that will last for quite some time!