Monday, January 18, 2010

Joe Myers Scrapbook - Part One

Joe Myers (Inkwell, Re/Model, Black Venus) recently loaned me his flyer collection, which is really a scrapbook of classic Atlanta shows and bands long gone. Of course you can click on any of these pages to get a full-size view. When Joe put together these scrapbooks, he would only cutout the lineups for each show, and not the date or venue, but I will try to fill in the blanks wherever possible. The above page was from the Metroplex and included several great shows from the 1988-1992 era, including TSOL, Kingface, MDC, HR, Plasmatics, Angry Samoans, The Undead, The Blasters, Gardens Of, etc.

Here is a page of shows from the Somber Reptile and Wreck Room, circa 1993-1994. We have the WGHR and Mike D fests, plenty of Act of Faith, Car vs. Driver, Crisis Under Control, Inkwell, Quadiliacha, etc. shows and many of the first Avail shows in Atlanta.

The Masquerade has hosted more amazing shows overall than any other Atlanta venue. Many of the pages above and below highlight their golden era from the early 1990's. This page includes several Quicksand/Seaweed shows, 7 Seconds, the first Warped Tour (hosted in the Masquerade music park), DRI, and the skate show that I went to in 1991 with Bill Danforth, Christian Hosoi and Tony Hawk where they built a halfpipe and literally hosted a skate demo in Heaven. I went with my skate posse, and my friend Matt Kew got Bill Danforth's wristband, which he bit off to give to him and also heard Bill utter the infamous line "it's not a good session unless you're bleeding", or something to that effect.

Just another listing of the varied shows from early 1990's Masquerade, including the Nirvana/Das Damen show on October 6, 1991, Frank Black opening for The Ramones in 1994, Foo Fighters opening up for Mike Watt in 1995.

More Masquerade flyers, and some Roxy and possibly Center Stage rolled in. Here is the Car vs. Driver show with Samiam and The Toadies at the Masquerade in 1994 (my last show playing there until 2009), Corrosion Of Conformity with Dirt and Dark Overlord in 1989, Bad Religion with Green Day and Seaweed in 1993.

Just a general Masquerade flyer from March/April 1996, including Fugazi with Seely, "Dear You" era Jawbreaker, Girls vs. Boys, etc.

Here is the Dischord page of shows, including the Fugazi shows of the late 80's/early 90's. The first listed here with Porn Orchard was in 1989 (missed that one), the second with Daisy and Fiddlehead was in 1991 (my first Fugazi show), the shows with Shudder To Think were in 1993 and the March 28/29 were from 1996. The amazing Jawbox/Girls vs. Boys/Freemasonry show from 1994 is here, as well as the Drive Like Jehu show at the Somber Reptile where Sunny Day Real Estate played in the Lazy Lizard downstairs in 1994.

The only show I saw on this page was the Gwar/Melvins show in 1992. Some other interesting shows by Mule, Bad Brains, and the Neurosis/Antiseen/Fiddlehead show in 1994 must have been something.

Now we have the metal page. Mercyful Fate, COC, Voivod, Testament with Nuclear Assult in 1990. Classics.

More metal, noise rock, etc. from the Masquerade and Roxy. The Jesus Lizard/Tar/Dirt show from August 13, 1992 as well as the Jesus Lizard/Girls vs. Boys/Martians show from September 24, 1994 were key early 90's events.

More indie rock from the Masquerade. I went to the Dinosaur Jr./My Bloody Valentine/Babes In Toyland show on February 23, 1992 and it blew my head off. The Superchunk/Faith Healers/Unrest show from February 27, 1993 was the first time I saw Unrest, although my first time seeing Superchunk was when they played with Mudhoney, which I cannot find here. The Stereolab/Unrest show from the Somber Reptile on November 8, 1993 is listed here, which was amazing. I remember Unrest going into the crowd to wait for their encore as there was no backstage. So many great shows.

More punk shows from the early 90's, including Rocket from the Crypt with Clawhammer and Scout from January 30, 1994 (I had no idea Scout ever opened for RFTC). The Queers with Car vs. Driver, Levelhead and Habeas Corpses at the Somber Reptile on March 25, 1994 where Steve Wishart vomited behind his amp.

Of course you have to include the ska page. The Bosstones with Seersucker at Center Stage on June 25, 1993 was the only time I got to see Seersucker - strange lineup. There are some shows with local ska bands the Skats, The Go-Steadys, Brumski, I'll even count Seven Foot Politic in there.

Lastly, here is a monthly calendar for the Masquerade in September to October 1991, including the Mudhoney show, which I believe was the time Superchunk and Gas Huffer opened for them, Dirt opening for The Cows. What a collection of shows.


  1. This is so great. So many great shows.

    The Prong/COC/Bullet LaVolta show stands out in my memory because I went with a carload of people, none of whom knew that COC had changed their sound. We were downright baffled when they came out. Bullet LaVolta were great, though.

    I literally just posted about the Voodoo Glow Skulls, Total Chaos, Levelhead, and Round Ear Spock show on my blog. Both VGS and TC canceled, so the Somber Reptile just let everyone in for free and us and Levelhead tore it up!

    I was at the Jawbox/Pegboy show, but the guys I was with weren't fans of Jawbox and decided we were leaving about 2 songs in. I was supremely pissed.

    Anyway thanks for this post. I love seeing all these old listings and reminiscing about the great shows I've seen over the years.

  2. That is awesome.

    I cannot believe how many great shows I missed because I was car-less in Athens. I also cannot believe that fucking Head of David and Tar played downstairs as COC and Bullet Lavolta played upstairs at the Masquarade. Unreal.

    I was just telling a friend how I was at the Masquerade a couple weekends ago (don't ask) and how I hadn't been inside that place for years. He sorta commented that it had always been beat, and I tried to explain that when I was in college that place had phenonmenal shows. This post proves that.

    As a personal note, the Seaweed/Quicksand was one of the first I attended in Atlanta after moving to Athens, and it's where I remember seeing the dudes who would later become my good buddies, all the hardcore dudes. They were badgering Walter about Gorilla Biscuits or something, but I saw the kindred spirits.

    Oh, so many memories. Great post. Thanks Joe!

  3. James - I seem to remember Car vs Driver getting screwed out of opening up for Green Day and Tilt by Blindside. Do you have any details behind that story (is it interesting)?


  4. Also, quick note, that first Warped Tour thing was fantastic. As music director of WUOG, I scored a shit ton of free passes, and so we all bum rushed the show. I remember Civ, Orange 9mm, Into Another, Sick Of It All, Quicksand, and Seaweed, but apparently these other bands played:
    Face To Face (that one seems right...terrible, but right)
    No Doubt
    No Use For A Name (that one rings a bell too)
    Sublime (oh lord)
    Swingin' Utters

    Anyone else remember if any of these bands actually played?

  5. You're totally right about The Masquerade, Gray. Every time I hear rumors of the place closing, I get sad, despite the fact that I've been there literally 3 times in the last 7 or 8 years. But back in the 90s, I saw so many incredible shows there. I saw so many old punk bands there in the early 90s, bands that should've hung it up already/not reformed, but who slayed nonetheless.

  6. Gray--

    Face to Face definitely played that first Warped Tour, as did Sublime--they stand out as one of the worst bands I've ever seen.

    I remember that show pretty well because the singer from Orange 9mm apparently dove into the crowd and fucked up his back. Somehow I ended up driving him and their roadie to the hospital before coming back in time to see Quicksand and Seaweed.

    Scott Wilson

    1. Scott wilson. Been trying to get in touch with you for 15 years.

  7. when i first met joe he showed me this collection and all i saw was KINGFACE.

    i also remember a quicksand show which was to become the "grand meeting" of jawk and i meeting gavin and phyte (who just moved to atlanta to attend gatech.) but in my head, it was quicksand and helios creed? or maybe it was this seaweed show and i'm thinking of jawbox and helios creed? damn, who knows. they seriously all rolled into one. i just remember walter had long hair and looked like a damn dirty hippy. and he didnt know what his mouthpiece sticker meant.

    honestly in those days there was literally an AMAZING show every night of the week. and that is not a joke. especially for those of us with "varied tastes."

  8. Things seemed different back then, as far the volume of quality shows goes. I didn't see but a few of them, but the ones I saw were great.

    I was actually onstage for the Fugazi/Seely gig - I was Seely's "guitar tech", ie carried Steven and Lori's guitars at some point. That was pretty bitchin. Got to hang with Joe Lally.

    That Mr. Bungle/Grotus show is what finally made me a vegetarian. Anybody else remember that one? Slaughterhouse videos on about five TVs during the Grotus set.

  9. wow, that's precious. thanks!

  10. i was at that mr bungle/grotus show. it was amazing. he was like alittle shaved monkey surrounded by tv sets. much wierder than the early neurosis projection shows. the "coolest" thing i remember about grotus was one of the guitarist or bassist or whoever had an original soulside shirt on. i thought that was badass...haha, but i'm a nerd.

  11. James, the fact you saw Th' Faith Healers in their prime makes this lifetime Quickspace fan jealous. We must discuss your memories of this show (if any are even forthcoming).


  12. I have no memory of The Faith Healers' set, although I remember Unrest and Superchunk very well at that show. It might have been that The Faith Healers played first, and I got there too late to see their set, I really can't remember.

  13. the same night as that ramones/frank black show at the masquerade there was another way less attended show at the wreck room which featured born against, rorschach, lungfish and i think wrong answer?i just remember daniel higgs being none too pleased with a very youthful sam mcpheeters. rorschach crushed it of course and were probably some of the nicest dudes ever.

  14. You know, "anonymous", it actually WAS kinda precious. I still feel warm inside from it all these years later. That Fugazi show was great. Or did you mean the Grotus set? That was also precious to me. It was loud as hell and those guys were crazy. If I remember correctly, there were two guys playing six-string bass through like ten giant amps, which was right up my alley. All the songs were about the apocalypse. I don't know much about them or Soulside, but I think proven hollow remembers correctly about the monkey-jumping part. I was touched by the performance either way, so precious really is a good word for it.

    They probably weren't hard enough for your tastes, though.

  15. Proven Hollow: That Ramones/Frank Black show was years after the Born Against/Rorschach/Lungfish show, at least the show that's advertised here. It was at the Roxy in 94. Cool post, seems to represent a lot of the earliest shows I ever saw (like that Ramones show) along with some I was too young to get into. I specifically remember being pissed about that Killdozer/Steel Pole Bathtub show. I could drive, but it was at the Point and I was under 21. Oh well.

  16. you are correct, after i thought about it i realized that bornagainst/lungfish show was way before 94, haha. but it was the same night as a ramones show i do remember. it was actually in 91. which makes more sense as that was around the time i moved to atlanta and didn't know too many people yet.

  17. I think that Ramones show at the Masquerade was the one that Chad Wiener went to and I backed out and regretted it ever since. This was also the same night Sonic Youth opened for Neil Young at the Omni, I believe. Good night for rocking in Atlanta.

  18. i'd be the anonymous who called it "precious".
    it's personally precious for you guys cos you were there - so it's probably nostalgic too.
    i was born around that time and far away from atlanta, so for me it IS like a fucking literal treasure!
    the whole content of the blog is precious, really. so thank you very much, James! (and Joe Myers for the scrapbook)

  19. I was at the Ramones show at the Masquerade in 91. It was the first time I'd ever been to a club show of any sort, and even though my 13-year-old self was too scared to move away from the very back of the room, I was blown away by being so close to The Ramones. The Tombstones were the opening band. Anyone remember them?

  20. Hey Clara - thanks for the kind and sincere words. I think our old cranky selves are a little too sensitive to sarcasm in this age, so sorry if feathers were ruffled. Maybe in 10-15 years there will be someone doing the same thing about everything happening right now.

  21. well, i hope there wasn't any ruffled feathers, cos i wasn't being sarcastic at all.

    oh, i don't think the same thing will be happening in 10-15 years. people are too busy already docummenting their lives (twitter, facebook, whatever)for there to be any "history" on this damn generation. as if life's already a nostalgic event. (forgive the stupid attempt to be philosophical or something!)

  22. Clara, I misunderstood your comment and I apologize. Your language happens to be close enough to something sarcastic that some folks out there like, I don't know, Kip Thomas or somebody would use (hey, Kip, what's up?) that I got the intent of the comment all backwards.

    I thought it was strange for a dis to pop up in the comments, since I'd never seen an anonymous dis on this blog at all. Ever. I was preparing a long response about how this is one of the few blogs where there's nothing but positive attitude and that it should be protected somehow from trolls.

    Now I know this blog still IS all positive, and I will keep posting my sappy softcore memories for all the punk rockers to roll their eyes at politely.

  23. I think these images make a strong case that the Masquearde during that era was possibly the best music venue Atlanta has ever had. Certainly one of the best.

    But oh how the mighty have fallen. I can't remember the last time they had a show that I would even consider going to see, and i still check out their show listing regularly.

    The Walt Mink show, although it was very short and almost competely unattended, was one of the best music performances I've ever seen.

    It's funny about Th Faith Healers. I was at that show, too, and I have no recollection of them playing. Several years after that, I did a tour with the Rockateens opening for Superchunk. Mac Macaughn wore a Faith Healers shirt on stage every night.

  24. will g. ..

    amazing post. agree with jeff on masq. being amazing. it's funny to see how much was happening when all you had was a shitty local rag to know where shows were, instead of the internet.

    i wouldn't know shit if it wasn't for listening to wrek, wras, wuog, and reading creative loafing and going to sea of timeless -- at the beginning at least! awesome post james and joe!

  25. awwww. this is all very cutie-bear.

  26. as usual, this site does not disappoint in bringin' back the many great shows back then. highlights for me were...

    the mr. bungle show, at that club near buckhead, was it the roxy..? (phenomenal performance + sound mix and that alan parsons cover)...

    fugazi's 1st tour(?) show at the masquerade, too bad their 2nd one a while later was kinda lackluster...

    the loud as balls dino jr./mbv show (i should've paid more attention to mbv but was blindly in love with dino jr. at the time)...

    going to see swervedriver/poster children (at the cotton club i think) with a less than enthusiastic keith from the martians, haha...

    the curve show (masquerade) - holy fuck, that was loud and you couldn't see shit 'cause the fog machine must've gone haywire...

    and missing the nirvana show (before they got super huge) because i couldn't get out of the damn house...

    and years later tagging along with some rave nerds to a moby show/rave at masquerade, back when he had hair...

    good times. thank you again.

  27. It seems Th' Faith Healers really left an impression on Atlanta...

    Looking at these posters, it seems that the Masquerade was very similar to the Astoria in London, a 2-tiered venue that housed almost all of my first show experiences from Napalm Death to The Jesus Lizard.

    Sadly, now demolished.

    I've only been in the Masquerade once in my 6 years here, although coincidentally I had every intention of going to see Napalm Death there a few years ago.

  28. hey, i'm glad people are enjoying these! one thing i would like to point out is that though the masquerade was the top venue in atlanta during the 90's, not all of these shows happened there. james is correct about me not keeping track of the venues (i will try to figure it out), though every single one does have the date listed (not year tho). anyway, some of them you can pick out by the size and layout of the ad. the swirlies show, the barkmarket show, and the rocket from the crypt show were at the midtown music hall. the cotton club, the somber reptile (shitpile), the roxy, center stage, the point, the wreck room, and the international ballroom are all represented on here somewhere (as james mentioned).

    anyway, i like the pearl jam ad that says "sold out". p.s. i'm hilarious. i had one like that for nirvana too, but i don't know what happened to it.

    also, the ad for the "beginning of all ages sundays" on the c.o.c. ad was right around the time the excelsior mill turned into the masquerade. it was a big deal about it becoming all ages again for those of us who weren't of age at that time.


  29. one other thing i'd like to point out is that this collection is in no way complete. i did a pretty good job getting a lot of these things, but i didn't always keep up with it. it was truly a heyday of club shows around that time.

    also, i soooo wish i had gotten to see the plasmatics at the metroplex.


  30. This is pretty damn cool - I did a lot of these flyers for the Masquerade from 91 to about 94. Nice to see it showing up somewhere -- I realize this isn't a tribute to my amazing design skills, but still -

  31. Hey Beauhall - thanks for all the great work back in the day! The design was consistent and hit the mark, that's for sure. If you have a scanned collection hanging around, please send them my way. I would love to put them up like an online gallery showing!

  32. I know it's a few years later, but I remember some of these shows and a lot more... I remember My Bloody Valentine being so loud that Dino Jr seemed like an acoustic band... I saw the Swervedriver/Poster Children show (which was at the Cotton Club) but the 3rd band was Hypnolovewheel. I remember talking to the bassist who worked at Marvel Comics as an assistant editor for a day job.

    The Lush/Weezer show was the one where before the show at a cd signing, Miki threw up all over the place.

    I have a few more of the Cotton Club and Masquerade flyers I collected.

  33. was in college and lived in Atlanta from 87-2000. thanks for the memories. apparently we were at a lot of the same shows. to many to list but that bhs show @ the masquerade stands out as one of my favorite shows... for multiple reasons. kills me when I think of all the shows I didn't see.

  34. Oh, and someone above mentioned the Ramones Masquerade show in the early 90s... I was there! Only time I can recall actually seeing a bottle thrown right at a singer onstage... luckily Joey ducked or moved to the left.