Monday, February 18, 2008

King Tunes - More Go-Steadys Live on Album 88 and Unreleased Songs

So Ex-Teenage Rockstar (aka Steven Cummings) came through and gave me a tape of “Reflections”, which was a song we recorded at a studio in Atlanta by some railroad tracks, as well as a sassy live in the studio recording from March 1995 of the Go Steadys on Album 88, in preparation for our 7” release show at the Somber Reptile later that month. Now we have everything that I ever played on with the Go Steadys, however I am not sure if they recorded anything further after I left the group. One interesting note is that Kyle Richards plays the Album 88 show, which I completely do not remember him even playing with us after high school. Anyhow, it was fun hearing everyone talk again, especially Eric telling the announcer that he was from Compton, and Jesse working at the California Pizza Kitchen. The most infamous line, however, was Mike telling the DJ that he played the skinflute, which I completely missed me when I was in the studio, but afterwards was unbelievable that he actually got that over the air. I now have more practice in transferring tapes to computer, so I re-recorded all the Go Steadys songs and uploaded them to MediaFire, so you can download the best discography yet here:

Go-Steadys Complete Discography

Rob Fitzgerald - Our second drummer and youngest member of the band.

Here are some classic Go Steadys flyers:

October 21, 1992 - This was our first big show, and we were pretty wet behind the ears. But we got through it, and played many other great shows afterwards, so I guess we did something right.

May 31, 1994 at the Atomic Music Hall in Athens. Flyer designed by Robert McAdams when he was living in Athens and wearing suits every Friday.

March 19, 1993 at the Hoyt Street Station in Athens. This was our first show in Athens (while we were still in High School). I believe we played with the Woggles at that show.

June 14, 1993 - This was a show at the Somber Reptile that was back when they served smart drinks and had disco night after 11:00 or so. It was so early in the Somber Reptile's existence that we didn't even know the right name and called it the Summer Reptile. Plenty of beer.

April 24, 1993 - Back at the Hoyt Street Station in Athens. Crystal was in a band called 7/10 split, which was made up of Roswell High School students. Check out Jason Griset endorsing Philly Titans.

February 26, 1994 - At the Somber Reptile with The Skats, Brumski and Skaffle House. By this time there were enough ska bands in Atlanta to actually fill up the bill. These were some fun shows. As far as the live recording, I never got a copy. Scooter parking available - hilarious.

May 29, 1993 at the Somber Reptile - This was our last show as the original high school lineup of 7. At the beginning of National Front (our first song), Jesse does a backflip off the stage and takes out the whole front of the audience. He had never successfully done a backflip before, but why not right there and then!

Set list from the May 29 show above - as you can see, we played about 50% covers (about right for a ska band). Check out the footprints.

Finally, November 13, 1993 at Hoyt Street North in Athens (again). I loved the image from "Man Bites Dog" to use in the flyer. We also started figuring out how to use computers at that time. No members of the Go Steadys became graphic designers (that I know of), but we were creative in other ways.


  1. the show on 2/26 was the first time i saw you guys, i think. amazing show, lots of good ska bands (but i've always thought that "skaffle house" was one of the most unfortunate band names out there).

    a side note - if you have crystal and her bands on the org chart and you've added 7/10 split, one of the guys from that band, aaron, went on to be in a band called outbreak with hardcorey (remember the kid that new every word to every song EVER? then became rastafarian & worked at camelis in eav). pretty inconsequential in the big scheme of things, but fyi.

  2. James, remember that 11/13/93 show ended up being on the front porch of someone's house in Athens? Said porch collapsed during Monkey Man, but we finished anyway...Eric ended up being swallowed up by a hole in the floor and a rug...not at all unlike Tom Hanks' character in The Money Pit. Believe or not, that was my first ever show with the band---quite an introduction to rock n' roll for a 16 year old suburban kid from Roswell.

  3. I forgot to mention that Laura Richards did, in fact, go on to be a graphic designer in NYC.

  4. Hey Rob - That was a wild show. I remember Jesse giving the owner $20 or so out of his own money to help pay for the damages, but then the landlord got the insurance company to pay for it, and Jesse was pissed and wanted his money back.

    Another classic show was when we played a warehouse loft on Memorial Drive, and some people in the crowd knocked down the wall and started looting the neighbor's apartment next door while we played. We got the hell out of there when the police arrived. I'm not sure if you were playing drums in the band at that time or not.

    Great to hear from you!