Friday, July 11, 2008

Atlanta Singles Week 28 - "That Was Then, This Is Now" Atlanta Hardcore Compilation

Here is the recording: That Was Then, This Is Now - Atlanta Hardcore Compilation

It was only a matter of time before I got to this record - somehow it was inevitable. I look at this as the possibly the seminal Atlanta DIY single of 1992 (along with Happy as a Bastard on Father's Day). Although maybe this came out in 1993, I'm not sure. These were four main bands of the Atlanta hardcore scene at the time - Act of Faith, Crisis Under Control, Spiney Norman and The Difference. I only really knew the guys in Spiney Norman at the time, and I remember convincing Spam that they had to use their ska song on the compilation, as it would set them apart and really bum out the people who bought the record wanting more standard hardcore. The song is actually awesome in the otherwise horrible cul-de-sac that is ska core. Also listening back to this 7" again, I forgot how tight and polished The Difference were. I have their demo tape in my stack, so I might have to transfer that one to CD just to give it another listen. Overall a good Atlanta single for the time, with the great cover art of the Metroplex after it burned down. I never went to any shows there myself, as I was a bit too young, but I might have been at the show on the back cover, which I believe was taken at the Wreck Room (right down the street from where the Metroplex stood). Anyhow, I'm glad I still have this record in my collection, and leave comments as I would be interested in knowing what your impressions are then and now regarding this release.

As an extra bonus, here is the Standfast Records News Flash, Volume 1 Issue 1 for your perusal. My god, just awesome on so many levels. Shelter show review, band photos, Midget Farmers and Habeus Corpses both name-checked. If anyone has any later issues, please email them to me.


  1. i always liked spiney norman. spiney norman was on the bill playing their first show when i played my first (venosity/spiney norman/such as/something to prove- at visions in cumming). i remember asking them and midget farmers to play the screeching weasel show i was booking around this time.

    i wasn't into the whole national pride hardcore scene that i percieved developing among this group of bands. when we started car vs driver, it was meant to be very different from that. probably stupid of me to think of things like that but i did...

    i really grew to like crisis under control though, i'm talking with phil singing... he added a totally unexpected dimension to that band.

  2. holy shit... standfast news flash. wow.

    spiney norman was pretty much mine and nisha's first link to the scene. she had a friend whose brother was in SN - might've actually been spam, i can't remember now. we were already ska kids at that point and "suburban sXe" (knew nothing about the atlanta scene, but were big fans of minor threat). somehow ended up at an act of faith show, and the rest is history.

    this was my first local record. bought it at book nook. wore it out.

  3. Finally, someone who can appreciate the Standfast Records Newsflash! If you notice, your eyes are open when watching Broken.

  4. I still have this record in my collection, along with Spiney Norman, Crisis under Control, and everything that Act of Faith ever put out! I miss seeing all Of these bands and wish I had kept in touch with the. I was mainly friends with the AOF guys ( and even got a mention in the thanks on both the Forward Cassette and the Test of Strength cd).