Monday, July 16, 2012

Neon Christ - Live at WREK

Here is the download: Neon Christ Live at WREK 15-July-1985

Thanks to Henry, as always, for transferring the master DAT and sending me over this recording for all of us to enjoy. He has been able to access the Live at WREK vaults to transfer so many amazing performances from that station, so keep checking back for more archived recordings. WREK actually does a retrospective show on Tuesday nights, which you can listen to here for the past two weeks, as there are some real gems broadcast on a regular basis.

This is the Neon Christ Live at WREK session from 1985, and a comprehensive set at that. It is not the same session that produced the amazing version of Saviour that was included in The View compilation, but it is a great listen with the limited 5-piece version of the band. I thought Savior was recorded on Live at WREK, but maybe it was recorded somewhere else? Can someone verify this? What more can be said about Neon Christ? They were Atlanta's first great hardcore band, kickstarting a scene in Atlanta that has had many peaks and valleys all the way to today. Any Hardcore DIY shows you have seen in Atlanta, whether at a house, bowling alley, matinee show, etc. are indebted to these guys for setting up the framework. I never was able to see them myself, as I believe it was probably 1987 when my friend played me his tape of their 7", and several years after that before I started going to local shows, but they always have a special place in my local music heart. There were several reunion shows held a few years back, one even including Greg King on Drums (GG King, Carbonas, Quadiliacha, Regicide, etc.), which I would have loved to see, but unfortunately I was just moving back to Atlanta and out of the loop at the time.

They are compiling footage for a documentary to be released soon, but as everyone knows these projects can take some time. I am also still hoping for a high quality digital discography to be released, but we will have to patiently wait - we will sell no wine before its time.

Also, along those lines it has been about a year since my last post, and I'm sure this has been taken out of everyone's regular circulation of blogs to visit, but I have a huge backlog of music to post, and will do my best to keep working on it as often as possible. Thanks everyone for their patience and please let me know if you are looking for anything or find any missing links or files to repair on the site.


  1. James you have just made my year! I have wanted to get my hands on this for years. Thanks for you and Henry for finally tracking it down.

    If you can, please get a hold of the Live at WRECK sessions for Dead Elvis (I use to have it on tape but lost it) and Gardens Of...(post Neon Christ and I think they did a Live at Wreck also). I will probably think of more later. - Steve

  2. In 1987 my friend Kevin Yount (of Uncle Touchy fame) moved to Alpharetta from Stone Mountain when we were in 8th grade. He came to school with an "X" carved in his forehead and an epic hardcore punk mixtape called "Mr Potato Head's Tunes Vols 1,2,3 & 4". That was my introduction to so many great hardcore bands. It was my gateway from thrash metal and crossover to true hardcore.

    On the tape was "Savior" as well as a couple of other Neon Christ songs, but I can still vividly remember the blazing freshness of Savior and the impact it left on me.

    1. I was a fuckin mess back then..but i was true..good enough

  3. The studio version of "Saviour" (aka "Drawn In") that you hear on The View comp was recorded late Dec 85 at a studio (name forgotten) near intersection of N Druid and Briarcliff. It's the 4-piece Neon Christ you hear on the studio version, and the 5-piece band (with Shawn DeVine on 2d guitar) you hear on the WREK show.

    1. Jimmy - were there any other songs recorded at the December 85 session along with Savior that you would be willing to post for us still diehard Neon Christ fans? Also any chance of getting a hold of Gardens Of... material - live shows, studio recording? I have a copy of one live Gardens Of... show that I am planning on passing on to James at some point to post. It is a show with Bedlam Hour and Black Light (before they changed their name to After Words)from around 1987 I believe. There are some great songs on that tape!

  4. Wow great information. Also any chance of getting a hold of Gardens Of. material - live shows, studio recording?

  5. I remember hearing about Neon Christ in almost reverent tones as a teenager.

    The guitarist, William DuVall is currently the lead singer for Alice In Chains.

    One of my most surreal life experiences was seeing William sing 'Rooster' on television with Ann Wilson from Heart.

  6. I'm begging for the Dead Elvis at WREK recording! I have (most of) it on a half-eaten cassette dubbed from a friend who recorded it live, but the quality is terrible. I would love to get my mitts on a decent recording!

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