Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coup de Grâce

Photo from Goatshoes.

Here is the download: Coup de Grâce tape
If you remember back before Radio Bomb became the official punk/hardcore/DIY/whatever show on WREK, there was Coup de Grâce, and before that was the Punk Rock Anarchy Hour, although unfortunately I don't have any recordings from that time period. Anyhow, a guy named Brad emailed me two sides of a tape he recorded off the air way back then, and I decided to post it here for nostalgic purposes. I believe this was 1993? Did Radio Bomb start officially in 1994? When did the Punk Rock Anarchy Hour end? How long did it take you to figure out what Coup de Grace meant back before the internet?

More stuff coming soon, just trying to get caught up here.


  1. Can't remember precisely when it became Radio Bomb but I remember Gavin calling it Inner Face for a very brief period before changing it to Radio Bomb. It was probably Inner Face in '93 and Radio Bomb from '94 onwards.

  2. Shit, thanks so much for this. Coup de Grâce and WREKage pretty much defined my music tastes between 7th and 9th grade (with a little supplementing from Headbanger's Ball of course).

  3. Hey Edward and CDB, thanks for the comments. I have no memory of "Inner Face", but I'm glad he changed it to Radio Bomb. Who was the host of Coup de Grace? I remember him one time having to explain the meaning of the title, as we were uncultured and didn't have the interweb to lean on.

  4. Hey James - There were several incarnations of the punk radio show on WREK. Around 1986-87 it was called "It Came Without a Warning" after the Scream song. Then Thomas Peake took over the show for a couple of years from 1988-90. He originally called the show "Anti-Mohawk Tongue Spout" and then changed it to "Throttle" after the Ignition show which he used to open every show usually. I used to tape the show every week and it really influenced my musical taste and development (I used to go out and buy the records of the bands I liked that I heard on his show). Unfortunately, I lost the tapes when moving from Atlanta to Philly in 1997. After Thomas left a new guy came in and did "Coup de Grace" from 1990 - 1991 or 92. I don't remember his name but I went and did the show with him a couple of times and even filled in for him once. After he left I think there were a couple of temporary fill ins for awhile until Gavin arrived in fall of 1992 I believe. - Swishart