Friday, October 1, 2010

Tweezer and Spider Virus - The Split CD

Here is the Tweezer download: Tweezer "Autoerotic Squirrel Pants"

Here is the Spider Virus download: Spider Virus side

I have been sitting on quite a bit of Tweezer material for awhile now, but since they are playing this Sunday October 3rd at Ria's Bluebird with The Rent Boys and Rizzudo (music starts at 4PM), I thought it might be a good enough time to start posting some of it up. Here is a split CD from 1994 with fellow noise rockers Spider Virus, who I remember as a band name from that era but never saw them myself. They take the first "side" of the CD, with some great heaviness and some weirdness thrown in, at least on this release. I guess they seemed to have quite a history after this, which you can find out about online, but the real focus of this post is Tweezer.

Tweezer was Atlanta's preeminent noise rockers during the mid-nineties. Not as arty or damaged as BOB or Pineal Ventana, but the more aggressive member of the family. Kind of like the pissed-off son of the Quadruple Felony group. They were a great band, and I hope to get more posted on them and about them as time goes on. Otherwise, I hope to see you at Ria's, and enjoy some classic material from all these bands.

Here's the track listing and some indecipherable artwork. Does anyone remember Alien Records and what other releases were on the label?


  1. Hey--thanks for posting this, who ever you are!

    Michelle from tweezer

  2. This is super good. Who had ever heard of Spider Virus?

  3. I'm not sure, but if you look on Spider Virus' myspace page, they seemed to change quite a bit over the years. I guess in the Nashville area they are local legends. My favorite Nashville band was Govern (or The Governing Fire), if anybody remembers them.

  4. I remember the Governing Fire, Flak played with them once at Under the Couch.

  5. I also saw The Governing Fire at Under the Couch, maybe the same show? There was another Nashville band that played with them, and their name was just symbols so it was unpronounceable - great idea for marketing your band. I remember that band was amazing as well. I still have the Governing Fire demo tape, maybe I'll transfer it to MP3 soon and do a Nashville post. Nashville was a quiet town in the post-hardcore days. Knoxville seemed to be the main east Tennessee town for that scene, with Thumbnail, Red 5 (Murfreesboro), etc.