Thursday, June 25, 2009

Koncak - Only When The Bright Side Glows

Here is the download: Koncak - Only When The Bright Side Glows

I knew Nuci Phillips as a friend of Billy Nation when I attended UGA in 1993-1994. Nuci was a really great guy, and Billy always told me that I should play music with him sometime, but I was so busy with Car vs. Driver and other bands in Atlanta that I never brought my drums up to Athens to play. He recorded these songs from 1994-1996 with musicians such as David Barbe (Mercyland, Sugar, Buzz Hungry), Kyle Spence (Fiddlehead, Figure, Martians, Harvey Milk, etc.), and Jerry Fuchs (Martians, Turing Machine, Maserati, !!!, etc.).

Nuci's life ended tragically by suicide in 1996 after suffering from severe depression. My wife knew him better than I did and attended his funeral, but it was really a great loss to a lot of my old friends from Athens who knew and loved him. His family established a memorial foundation and Nuci's Space was opened in 1999 as a place for Athens musicians to practice and congregate, as well as assistance for psychological and health issues the musicians might be experiencing.

There is a myspace band page for Koncak, his musical project that is collected on this CD, which I am posting here as a way to keep Nuci's memory alive and celebrate his creative output, at least electronically.
Here is the cover to the CD, the one that I have. The websites show a different cover design:

Here are the liner notes for the CD:


  1. Sad story. Always wondered who Nuci was and now I know. It's too bad he's still not making tunes cuz these are pretty good.

  2. Thank-you so much for spotlighting this record! Only When The Right Side Glows is an incredible piece of Athens' music history.