Friday, April 10, 2009

The Kicker Boys - Fuck Off Nazis

Here is the Download: Kicker Boys LP

I first heard of the Kicker Boys via The View compilation, and at the time didn't make the connection that they were an Oi band. If you listen to I Don't Scare from that comp, I was getting a more hard rock vibe from these guys. However, once I got to hear their other songs, the name Kicker Boys clicked - and just check out the artwork:

I had some exposure to the Atlanta Oi scene and the music in general through my old Ska days, but never got to see these guys. We did play with Moonstomp at least once before, and maybe Brickwall United here and there. Oi music is such a phenomenon to me, and really interesting as a musical subgenre on almost an academic sense. It takes the most basic punk arrangements and places it in the skinhead/ska culture and exists in this kind of bubble apart from all other music, with its own insular set of rules and aesthetics. Enough about that, enjoy the album.


  1. how come two or three dudes in every oi band look like they are in no way connected to oi culture? ha ha.

  2. Probably the same reason that half the members of a ska band look like they were hijacked from the high school music class.

  3. i think this calls for a massive anti-heroes post.