Friday, June 20, 2008

Corndogs of Years Past

Next Friday will be my 5th and 6th appearances playing in Corndogorama - the big festival held every Summer in Atlanta by Dave Railey. I dug up my old flyers/lineups from the past festivals I have played in and decided to post them here. I wish Dave would post flyers of all previous corndog fests, but so far I haven't seen anything.

Above: 4th Annual Corndogorama July 3rd, 1999 at Dottie's (it actually might have been the 5th). Bob Medina from Chocolate Kiss designed this flyer, and we played sometime in the afternoon, I believe. We have never played Corndogorama later than 5:15 or so - definitely never at night. That will change this year when Noot d' Noot will play on Friday night late as hell, I'm sure. I believe this was Haricot Vert's first show, as they were going under the plural version of their name. Other notable bands on the flyer are The Stimulants and Plastic Plan, but I do not remember many of the other bands. This was also held at Dottie's, the original location before it moved to the EARL in 2000 and Lenny's in 2007.

Below: Corndogorama July 1, 2000 at the EARL. This was a great lineup - probably band for band the best lineup the festival has ever had. I guess this was a pretty good time in Atlanta for local music, as we have The Close, Chocolate Kiss, Spectralux, Plastic Plan, Copa Vance, Hell Mach 4, Ocelot, Black Mollies, Some Soviet Station and Dropsonic all on the same bill. All of these bands made some kind of name for themselves in Atlanta, and it was quite a show. I believe Dropsonic has probably played more Corndogoramas than any other non-Dave Railey band. Let's hear it for longevity.

I love this message on the back of the flyer - total Kip Thomas

Above: Corndogorama June 30, 2001 at the EARL. Compared to the great year before, this was a bit of a let down lineup-wise. Peaks and Valleys. The notable acts being Chocolate Kiss (of course), Remuxers, Haricot Vert, Rizzudo, The Rock Coaches and Copa Vance. Heinous Beinfang is actually playing this year's festival on the nostalgia trip.

Below: Last Year's Corndogorama July 12-15, 2007 at Lenny's. This is the big time. Now we have an amazing lineup of bands, but spread out over 4 days and way too much time spent at Lenny's. This would make an unbelievable one day event taking the best 10 bands (Mastodon, Zoroaster, Gentleman Jesse and His Men, Judi Chicago, The Selmanaires, Sweetloves, ANDPW, Lay Down Mains, Space Seed (!) and I'll even give you Snowden, Magnapop, Coathangers and a couple of others and you got yourself one hell of a show. Fortunately, Dave allows more breathing room so bands like Sonn Av Krusher, Mistaken for Them, Forever War, and others to get on the bill and contribute what they can.

So thanks, Dave, for everything you've done over the years getting this behemoth of a show going every year, and hope you have many more years to come. For your information out there, I will be playing on Friday June 27th with Sonn Av Krusher at 4:30 in the afternoon (Happy Hour) and at 10:50 that evening - my first Corndogorama night performance. Other notable acts include Tenth to the Moon on Thursday, Sonn Av Krusher/Noot d' Noot on Friday (of course), Five-Eight/Anna Kramer/ANDPW on Saturday, and Rizzudo/Battle Cat/Maserati/Let the Night Roar/Zoroaster/Tornado Town (Will Green's new band) on Sunday. Sonn Av Krusher was supposed to play then, but a family trip to the beach happened to be planned during what was to be our moment of triumph. Next time.

Here is the full lineup for the show: Corndogorama 2008 Lineup


  1. I have bits and pieces of the 2000 Corndogorama performances spread out over several video cassettes. That might have been my first time seeing CK.


  2. If I get a good system together for transferring videos to dvd, I will get in touch. That is an era where I have no video footage whatsoever, especially CK.

  3. As an update, I've worked out a "good system" as you mention, so I'll work on getting the 2000 Corndog show (in pieces, as I have 3 VHS-C tapes full) up to YouTube this summer.