Friday, April 18, 2008

Bloodspoon Live at the Wreck Room January 3, 1992 and 7" Single

Cover for Bloodspoon's The Day She Died b/w Deadwheeling 7"

I would like to thank the band Injected and their website for posting the Bloodspoon single, which I therefore do not have to transfer. One thing I did transfer was a tape from the soundboard of Bloodspoon playing the Wreck Room in Atlanta on January 3, 1992. You can download it and the single here:

Bloodspoon 7" + Live at Wreck Room 1/3/92

This was the first time they played "The Day She Died" aka Bloodspoon hit single number one. These guys would tear it up at the Wreck Room. It was their stomping ground, and their fans loved them. They had all the best metal/funk/hardcore elements that were popular at that time, so it was definitely a case of being at the right place at the right moment. Matt Mauldin quit the band in 1993 by a letter mailed to guitarist Danny Grady because their drummer got a double-bass drum kit (Danny - if you still have that letter I would love to get a copy), and started a band called Car Vs. Driver with myself from the Midget Farmers, Steve from Such As, and Jon Rothman from Turtlehead. The rest of the guys went on to form insanely popular and successful bands, which you can find at the Injected Fan Site Here. Cool guys, great musicians, good times.

They did one single, which was Mental Fist Records #1 (Midget Farmers "Happy As a Bastard" was Mental Fist #2). These were their two signature songs, and are included on this post. Supposedly they had some really great songs written right before they broke up, but they were never recorded so we lose on that one. I guess we'll just enjoy what we have.

Back cover from 7"

Lyric Sheet from 7"

Thank you list from 7"


  1. there's a second recording we did that was good, as well as the unrecorded last songs... i think cade lewis has a copy of the second recording... i'm sure danny does as well.

    the thank you list as well as my between song banter at that wreck room show were the cheesiest things that i was ever involved in as a musician.

  2. so is this monstrosity worth money yet?

    I remember when Matt first started singing with Car Vs. Driver and Steve would bring home tapes and I kept telling him get rid of Matt because he was still singing in the funk/thrash metal style. Of course in the long run I was proven wrong. You should post some of those CVD early tapes!

    -Scott W.

  3. This one time, at metal camp, I saw Matt Metal eat a chicken. A WHOLE CHICKEN!!!!

  4. I am posting an early Car Vs. Driver demo next, and it has some early Matt Mauldin singing on it. The in between song banter is the best part of the show! I was able to include almost all of the song titles because you announced each song before it was played - all business!

  5. i remember what may have been one of their last shows opening up for born against at some random house living room in atlanta. born against were piss-poor and were also on their last leg at the time, having reached "goof-off dipshit with a fake mustache" stage and what seemed like 2 hours worth of the jefferson's theme song. anyway, while sitting on the porch i think their merch-girl was bitching about having to play with the "red hot chili peppers cover band" - aka, bloodspoon. i thought that was pretty shitty. but you know...the road can be hard sometimes. i also remember seeing born against open for lungfish in atlanta and higgs giving mcpheeters a good talkin-to while on stage and calling them something like whiney little brats. now that was a good show...featuring WRONG ANSWER, which i assume james will post up shortly.

  6. I have the Wrong Answer Zoo Breath single, which I will post eventually, and Scott Scout is sending me the View compilation. I'm posting the Scout discography soon.

  7. i really would have liked to have seen that born against/lungfish show, i've heard the stories...

    yeah, that attitude from born against at that show we played with them really stung for me. they were faves of mine at the time and all i wanted to do was play with them. jeff jawk and i helped set up the show... i dragged the rest of bloodspoon down to play (i don't think they were into it...), and promptly was crapped on by my favorite band. oh well, shit happens sometimes... i unceremoneously quit bloodspoon about a week later...

  8. a bloodspoon show at the wreckroom was my first real atlanta punk scene show. my friend jenny was friends with chris, and so we had jenny's mom take us down to a show one night. i'm thinking it was mid- to late-92? i had an instant crush on matt, him being the lead singer and all. 13yrs later i married his cousin. weird.

  9. "And out in the distance, it rolled out of sight..." All of the early 90's music that came out of ATL and played the Somber reptile and Wreck Room were fairly good. Blood spoon was an exception as they were ahead of their time being we ( besides Matt) we so young. I don't see any Five By Nine on the list to the right. Why is that?

  10. I am hoping Brad "Monkeysatan" Castlen can give Five By Nine the post they deserve. One day.