Friday, January 23, 2015

Articles aka Brad Post # 12

Purple Cow, October 1989.

Choice Daily News, August 9, 1991.  AOF and CUC fliers in the background.

AJC, date unknown.

AJC, date unknown.

AJC, date unknown.

The Catalyst, October 1992.

Creative Loafing, early 1995.

Flagpole (?), October 13, 1995.

Creative Loafing, December 9,  1995.  Check the terribly mislabeled AOF pic!

Dekalb College paper, February 21,  1996.

Creative Loafing,  November 23,  2004.

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  1. heeeyyyy- do you, by chance know whether or not the guys from Bob would care if I uploaded their stuff to soundcloud so that I may provided emeds for reviews of their music? Cuz BoB was the shit.
    E.D. Out